• Malialani

Getting Started

So here we are.

In Oaxaca.

Living out our calling to be vagabonds for Christ.

Oaxaca is not what we thought it would be.

In good ways and bad.

I, Malia, am not the type to set up expectations. I find them limiting. And I dislike being limited. Especially by myself.

But even the things we thought we knew before coming here are turning out to be everything from misunderstandings to exagerations to outright falsehoods. Lie is a strong word that I would rather not use just yet.

So here we stand, in a small two bedroom apartment in Jalatlaco with our heads in our hands wondering - well what now? Do we look for something to do? Look for a place to fit in? Search for purpose and reason for being in this place we were so sure we felt called?

Or do we stop.


Ask for new direction.

We are here for a reason. This is undoubtedly true. Now we have only to discern that reason.

And we will be at the beginning... again.

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