• Mark Dullanty

Moving your family south of the border

In late April I set out with my family as we took the first physical steps (actually walking) towards realizing a huge life decision. At the end of April 2015 my wife, our then two year old son and 4 month old daughter, and I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and brought 7 bags, two car seats, an infant hammock, 4 carry ons, and a Boppy down the stairs of our friends' house where we had been living in for the past two months and loaded them into cars. We said goodbyes and started the drive towards the airport. We could feel that those first steps out the door that morning were different steps.

$490 later and all our bags handed accross the counter. We had gone through security, bypassing the microwave by keeping one child per person, and we found ourselves sitting against the cold 40 degree glass at SeaTac International Airport wondering what we were doing and if we would making it through this day intact. Travel was uneventful and we found ourselves landed in Oaxaca around 11:00pm some 13 hours after we had departed from Seattle. We arrived on the tarmac almost an hour late because as we were boarding the last leg of our flight the flight attendant checking luggage and tickets notified us that we would need to wait for a new crew because our original crew would time out in air if they were to complete this flight. This meant we had to stay in the plane at the gate for an extra hour while they found pilots to fly us the rest of the way. It was a wonderful crew and they were helpful as we filled out our customs forms and the only reason we knew that they had never been to the Xoxocotlán airport was because seconds after the wheeles touched the ground the breaks were hit so hard that even with a sleeping child in my arms I was unable to keep from pressing my face into the seat in front of me in a very rapid manner.

We got through bagage claim and customs with all 14 of our collective items, absolutely sure that we had both brought far too many things while simultaneously not bringing the most important things. We were met by our friend and collegue just on the other side of some opaque doors. After being driven to our new house and greetings we finally found ourselves in bed sometime after midnight thinking we finally made it - and what a huge mistake we must have just made.

Please understand what I mean and not just what I say.

It is very scary when you realize your dreams. It had taken us almost three years from the time we sent off our applications to Covenant World Mission until we took our first step on Mexican soil. It was not an easy three years, but that is a completly different post. We were living in not our house, not our town, city, state, country. But we are here. And, even in the most difficult moments, we have God and we have each other.

We don't know what the future might hold for us, but we trust (begrudgingly) that God has a plan for our lives and that we, while following our dreams, can live into that. As we look toward that future, we are already beginning to compile some ideas about what it might look like and what we might feel called to next.

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