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My Name Is Rory

My name is Rory.

My parents call me Roranicus Rex.

That means I am a dinosaur. Which is cool.

Mama and Daddy have the flu. Which means I have full reign of the house. I get to watch movies and play with my sister and make a huge mess without having to clean it up before bed! It also means I get to write blogs without interruption. Parents are great, but they never let you get any real work done.

My Daddy is a photographer. He doesn't do anything for money anymore, but he is still a photographer. He takes beautiful pictures on our nice camera and then uploads them onto the computer as RAW files and then leaves them there until my Mama scolds him about how she has one million photographs of our life that she can't look at because their not JPGs. Then he edits some for her particular use.

I don't know what any of that means.

But I, Roranicus Rex, am also a photographer. You might think I am making this up or that my Mama takes pictures for me and then claims I took them. But you would be wrong. I have my very own camera. And I take pictures with it, a lot! It's the camera my daddy first used for photography. And I am a picture taking master.

Daddy recently uploaded the memory card from my camera to the computer and I have over 500 pictures just from this year!

This is my family.

Mama, Jinora, Daddy, & I am, of course, not pictured because I am taking the photo.

These are pictures of our old house in Auburn. This is the donkey pen.

This is my baby sister. I like to take pictures of her in her natural habitat.

This is my Mama. She says I have a natural gift for photography.

This is my Daddy. He takes me picture-taking with him. Sometimes we go on walks or up to the roof to look at sunsets.

And this is me. I really like self portraits.

I also really like to take pictures of my feet. It shows where I've been and where I'm going. I like to think it is very creative.

This is our apartment in Jalatlaco, Oaxaca Mexico. I like it. But I wish we lived on a boat.

Like Jack Sparrow.

These are some of my toys. I like to photograph them as well.

Anyway, here is more of my very expansive portfolio - and I will catch you guys next time!



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