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Magic Has To Be Believed

Thor, my son's second favorite superhero, has this really great line where he says "We call it magic, you call it science." in the first movie. I find it strange and surprising that so many people have such a problem with magic. From Christians to cynics, we either want it explained away or condemned. Why not embrace it?

We were able to get up into the mountains in August, several times on several different and insane roads. It was nice to be among the pines, up in the clouds, looking down into valleys, surrounded by green. Parts reminded me of the PNW, others reminded me of Umbria, Northern California, Vermont...

This place, Oaxaca, it may not be my favorite place I've lived, but the state has magic. It goes from rows of maguey in the sand to spindly pines and dangerous drop offs to banana groves and jungle air. There is a patient expectancy in the air, a lost knowledge, time forgotten.

"The thing about magic, it has to be believed."

And isn't that the truth about any good thing? It has to be believed. In order to have hope, to enjoy rain or sunshine, to find joy, to make friends, to be successful, to have faith, to see beauty, to find love - you must believe.

I have always loved what is wild and free.

I love that it is visible, transparent, and honest while also being illusive, mysterious, and difficult to pin down. Like magic. Real magic.

In order for anything to be real, you have to first believe.

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