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Can We Talk About Our Fridge?

The title is not a joke.

Let's take a minute to talk about our fridge...

That's her.

In all her glory.

She's not the biggest betty at the party, but she works hard.

Sometimes the power goes out and she leaks water all over the floor, but we try not to hold it against her. Everyone has accidents every once in a while.

Her layout is not the greatest, but it's decent.

We are fond of our girl.

Today, after we went to the mercado, washed all the fruits and veggies, dried them, and stuffed them in our lady fridge, I stood back and laughed.

We run around a lot.

We have a three year old who sometimes eats an entire pizza to himself and other days he drinks water.

We have a 9 month old who thinks she can eat whatever her brother eats.

Then we have Mark and I.

Snackers at heart.

We like easy dinners and easier lunches.

Breakfast is coffee.

(Rory and JInora share a large bowl of oatmeal, they're not into coffee)

We lost a lot of weight after arriving.

There was all the walking and biking and running after Rory to teach him about living in a Latin American metropolis where cars do not stop.

We did a lot of yoga, cause we do a lot of yoga.

We were adjusting to what an eating schedule looked like in 100 degree heat.

(see: nothing)

And then we were travelling a lot.

Granola bars have been friendly to us.

We count them as meals.

We work out a lot.

For our health, or something.

But it wasn't until I looked at our fridge today, that I realized we have crossed over into true health nut realm.

Don't get me wrong, I like making cupcakes and cookies.

We eat at a pizza place down the road so Rory can use their playground at least once a week.

Sauted anything is always good in my book.

I am not about to pretend like we are perfect in our eating habits.

However, it's nice to look at our fridge and see our priorities being lived out.

It's good to have a shelf for fruit, for veggies.

It's nice to have a drawer full of roots.

It's nice to have Rory ask for carrots for snacks (after asking for cookies, the kid's not dumb).

It's great the Jinora is not only fed chocolate in the car by her brother, but also loves vegetables and spicy things.

We have been really struggling here.

Our dreams have never seemed futher away.

We are pursuing new avenues every single day to what feels like no avail.

But it's nice to know that we have at least found some semblance of balance in the kitchen.

... sometimes.


What kind of things make you feel balanced in your crazy freaking life?

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