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Yoga With Kids

We do a lot of yoga.

Yin, restorative, vinyasa, hatha, kundalini, acro, and more.

Our Manduka mats.

We are testing their warranty with drool and cars and folding and jumping and more...

I love it.

It is good for the mind, for the body, for the soul.

I find peace on my mat.

I work out frustrations on my mat.

I seek wisdom on my mat.

It sounds silly.

And sometimes it is.

Watching us try new acro moves is hilarious.

When we do acro with our children, it´s even better.

Of course, we match our outfits to our yoga mats.


We are certified and teach when we can, but most of our yoga happens in the living room.

Sometimes after bedtimes or during nap so we can get the most peaceful practice possible.

But sometimes our kids are awake and running around.

They use our mats not only for yoga, but a plethora of other things.

Yoga mats are also blankets.


Chew toys.

Snuggle beds.

Terrain for lego castles.

And more...

It´s important to be mindful during yoga...

you know, because you might knock over the space ship landing on the tree house.

It might seem irritating when someone comes and sits on your stomach after doing boat and bounces up and down.

Or when tiny hands slap you in the face as you lie down in savasana to "wake you up."

But I actually think it´s a good thing.

We are modeling the importance of exercise, of taking time for yourself, of calm.

We are also modeling the importance of being flexible.

Not only with your body, but with your attitude, taking whatever yogurt covered menance comes...

We are showing our kids that we want them to participate in life with us.

That what Mommy & Daddy do are available to them as well.

We also offer them coffee and wine on a regular basis.

Savasana is best done with wide eyes...

because someone small is trying to crawl over your face.

It´s also good for me to get knocked out of my head space.

Tiny sticky hands pulling your hair while you´re in downward dog?

That´ll bring you back to earth.

18kg leaping on your back as you go into chaturanga?

You´ll be a beast in no time.

Doing yoga with my kids screaming back and forth (for fun, mind you) brings me weird peace.

And including them brings me tremendous joy.

Especially in difficult seasons and when I´ve had it UP TO HERE.

I hope I always include them in my practice.

Do you include your kids (or pets, I get it) in your physical activities?

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