• Malialani

Toast My Groats

Awhile back our tiny tribe decided to make the jump to vegan. Yah, you read that correctly, vegan. Don't brandish that steak knife at me, I get that you think we're crazy. I frequently think we're crazy as well. I miss pizza. And I don't care how many articles I read that say Daiya melts like mozzarella, it doesn't.

You are probably about to check out, stop reading this blog, ignore me because you assume I am about to tell you why you too should make the switch. I'm not. So stop your freak out. There are no photos depicting violent mistreatment of animals or what chicken nuggets are actually made of here. We have all already seen the documentaries and you probably read The Jungle at some point. I am not that kind of vegan.

I was a vegetarian throughout my teenage years to irritate my parents - it didn't work, in case you're wondering, other than creating mild annoyance the night I announced it - we've already discussed how I was/am a wild child. And I gave being vegan a shot in college because it was on my bucket list. I realized I could never leave the house to eat ever again and left it alone after one week of experimenting.

When I started travelling I gave up being a vegetarian because I wanted to really try everything, experience everything. And if we were still living abroad, I might consider eating animal products occasionally. But we aren't. We live somewhere where animal products are mass produced, pumped out like plastic. Everything is cold and clinical, created to make our lives easier, including our food. Cowspiracy has ruined my life and I can't pretend I don't know.

I am not opposed to the killing of animals necessarily. I am definitely opposed to needless killing, but you can value life while understanding the need for balance of life of death. But that is not what happens in and for first world countries. We not only abuse animals, but abuse resources in order to satiate our desire to be comfortable and eat what we are used to.

We have made the choice to be vegans because we want to let go of that entitlement.

I am not going to tell you you should go vegan. It's a personal choice. For us it has been the right one. We don't always stick to it one hundred percent and we allow our kids to be treated by others when they're not at home. It is about finding that balance of respecting life - not just animal life, but all life, the life of our world.

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