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Daily Blogging & The June Countdown

I'm not one for resolutions.

I just don't get it. I don't think I've ever seriously made even one. Maybe at a party we would go around and mention general ideas about how we would like the impending year to be different, but I've never really made a plan or set a goal for New Years. There is never a better time to start than right now - so why would you wait for an arbitrary date? And/or why would you pick the first of the year to do all those things you've never made time for before? So that you can be amongst the millions of other cliches toasting to those six-pack-abs you'll never actually have on New Year's Eve?

I've never understood it.

However, I find myself on the precipice of 2017 with the desire to start anew in several different aspects of my life so I suppose a New Year's Resolution will have to do. Except that I'm starting today, which is December 27th. Because, seriously, why wait?

My one Christmas wish? For a family photo. There were "nicer" ones, but this one summed up how distracted and less-than-perfect our family is. Which is better than nice.

The overarching resolution is just one of change. Things need to change and I need to press into it. I don't know what the future holds for us, but it has been a hell of a year. Of a two years. Of a five years. Of a seven, eight, wait a minute - it's been a hell of a LIFE. Both in the good and the bad ways. And I would like it to both settle down and get shaken up.

One of the more specific resolutions I am making is that I am going to be blogging every day. And yes, I am cheating a bit by creating prompts for myself ahead of time. I'm a smart cookie, kids. My hope to is to write a blog, then schedule it to post the following day. They aren't all going to be deep and profound, so bear with me. I am also hoping to do more than just Daily Blogs, but we'll see how all this plays out.

I have some other resolutions about self-care and family time and the kids, etc. But those will all make excellent blog posts - so you have to wait to hear about those. Sorry.

I'm clearly a winner.

And then there is The June Countdown. That's a longer story which I will discuss at length once I have more to discuss. But at this point, let's just go with the fact that we are counting down to June. I am going to pick June 15th because I don't know if we are counting down to the start or finish of June, but it's a big countdown. That's all you need to know for now.

169 Days until June 15th.

Together, we will track that. It will be magical and exciting. Promise. Kind of. Maybe it will just be mediocre, but I do promise to update you about why that date is important soon. Real soon.

Other than that? See you tomorrow, dearlings.

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