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My name is Malialani. It means heavenly calm, which is the running joke. Everyone calls me Malia. No one calls me Mal. My name is Hawaiian, like me. I am hapa, half-and-half. I like being half. It makes me a part of several different worlds, belonging to none. Third-culture-kid.

I was born in April, but I prefer to just celebrate rather than celebrate me. I used to celebrate a bit too hard. Good memories, but also a lack of good memories. So now I'm trying to find balance. In every aspect - not just the celebrating.

Wife to Marko and a mom to Rory and Jinora, I am constantly trying to remember myself as a member of our family. We are four - evenly balanced with introverts and extroverts, eye colors, boys and girls. But sometimes I forget that I am also me separate from them.

I like Jesus, but I don't always like Christians. Which is hard, because I am one. I think God shakes his head a lot. Like parents tend to do when their kids are being assholes.

I have no regrets. Not even one. I really like who I am, even though she's constantly changing. And so I wouldn't change one thing that I have been through or experienced. And even though I don't love everything about my life right now, I bet I will feel the same way about this stage once it's passed. Maybe not though.

I cut my hair when I need change. I also move furniture. And drive. I need change a lot. So I may seem inconsistent. Maybe I am. But I like to call it spontaneous. The other word might be reckless. Maybe.

Pinterest is my online vice. I'm not obsessed, but I love the way the pretty photos look. A visual learner at heart. I like it when things are pretty, which sound shallow, but it's true. But pretty doesn't mean perfect. In fact, I think, most often, the prettiest things are things that expose imperfections.

The most important thing in the world to me is freedom. I sometimes wish it was something else. Something less difficult to pin down. But then I remember how much I love when I feel free. There is nothing better than the feeling of being free.

I'm finding the older I get, the more like my young self I become - just, a more graceful version. Which is kind of cool. It's like I am returning to myself. I like that. There is never less to learn in this life, and that is so amazing! I never stop being amazed.

I'm highly extroverted. I crave people like other people crave drugs. I just want to breathe in social interaction. This also means I try to carve out time for myself, because otherwise I collapse. And I would prefer to be healthier longer.

Travel is the best high there is. I have been so many places in the world that sometimes I forget which places I've been. In a perfect world I would do nothing but go to from place to place with my sweet tribe.

I enjoy getting creative. I write. I do yoga. I doodle on canvas and occasionally write music. I make jewelry sometimes. I photograph things. I dance around with my babies. I dream very real dreams.

I have been to more funerals than weddings. I don't really do small talk very well. I run on smiles and sarcasm. I'm not really very sorry if you don't get it. I get seasonal depression when I'm too far North or South. I don't like the dark.

Despite being an optimist, I am also very realistic. I think compassion and empathy are the highest forms of intelligence. I love being inundated by cultures and languages I don't know or understand.

I prefer honesty to sugar. My idea of advice looks like this:

I don't plan long-term very well, if at all. I genuinely prefer to live in the moment. But I'm working on it. I trying to figure out what "long-term" looks like. Slowly, but surely. Isn't that life?

168 Days To June, lovelies.

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