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Belief is weird. It's like "I feel this way about this thing and that makes this thing and the this way that I feel about it special and important." And we have a lot of feelings about our feelings (beliefs) and they are important enough to us that we fight over them, fall in love over them, break from friends and family over them... the list goes on.

But I do believe things.

I believe in God. I believe in energy. I believe in light, that it breaks through, bursts even. I believe in love and laughter and that the two should go together as often as possible. I believe hope to reveal strength, not weakness. I believe in deep inhales and long exhales. I believe in meditation and mindfulness. I believe we are always capable of more than we think.

I believe life is neither black nor white; that it is full of vibrant and confusing colors that we each see differently through our own life experiences and understanding. I believe that answers are more convoluted than we would like them to be - if there is an answer at all. I believe that everything is both simpler than it seems and more complex than we can imagine.

I believe in the power of people - for good and for bad - and I believe good and bad to most often be relative to your perspective; that dualism is only the beginning. I believe we come from the dust - dust of the earth and dust of the stars. I believe life to be a great adventure and death to be an even greater one.

I believe I believe compassion and empathy are the highest forms of intelligence. I believe brokenness is what gives us sameness, not what separates us, that we are broken together. I believe we all have purpose, important and wonderful purpose. I believe we each underestimate ourselves incredibly.

I believe in music, in mountains, in moss covered trees and the sweet scent of rain. I believe in being connected to the earth and apart of something so much bigger. I believe in stars, in joy, in the rhythm of the waves of the ocean. I believe in surrendering to all of it.

I believe life is hard, but we survive. And I believe that believing we survive is what makes us survive.

167 days to June.

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