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Daily Blog :: Inspirations Pt. 2

So we've talked a little about what is inspiring me right now, but as I look ahead to the future this New Year's Eve I think it's equally important to be reminded of who and what has inspired me in the past. I was going to try and go in chronological order - but my mind doesn't work like that so the effort would be wasted. I have had a lot of inspiring events and people in my life and these are just some that are sticking out to me right now in this moment, so don't feel like this captures the whole picture. It's only the beginning.


I left without saying much to anyone. Bought a one way ticket and made my way across and around parts of the world. I was alone a lot. I was happy and unhappy. I learned more about myself and life than could ever be written down or explained. For that I am always grateful. Travel saved my life - it continues to save my life every day.

Barcelona, Spain 2010

Some Man

When I was in High School my grandmother, mother, and I went to the Ashland Shakespeare festival where we stayed at this cute bed and breakfast. One morning we were having breakfast with some of the other guests and an older man sat across the table from me. He asked me questions about my thoughts and opinions about the world without even looking at another person at the table. At one point I laughed and said something like "Why are you asking me? I'm just a teenager." He looked at me very seriously and said, "You are the only person at this table whose voice genuinely matters. You are young and passionate and you will change the world for the better or for the worst. The rest of us have had our time. Sure, we might continue to influence and help in whatever ways we can - but it's you. You and your generation are the future." That man changed my whole perspective. He took me seriously and encouraged me to stand up and take my place in taking action in order to create positive and lasting change - in small and big ways. I don't even remember his name. But I owe him a lot.

Ashland OR


I grew up as a Christian, which meant we did Christian-y things when I was young. But I walked away from it as a teenager. While I was still trying to figure out whether or not the whole Jesus thing was for me, I went to a large Christian music festival at the gorge called Creationfest. I wasn't having a bad time until I began to see the t-shirts that were being sold (and therefore on half of the humans). They had quotes and slogans that were formulated to look like Bible verses degrading a myriad of people from homosexuals to muslims, people who had chosen abortion to people who swear, and more. It made me so angry I quite literally punched a girl in the face over it. It's a long story. But what I came away from the trip was this - I believe in God. Enough that it makes me incredibly frustrated and angry when people use God as an excuse for their judgement of others. Creationfest help me discover that about myself.

The Gorge, George WA

The Dullanty Tribe

Starting with Marko and now with Rory and Jinora, they have always been and continue to be my biggest inspiration. They are each wild and courages in ways that challenge me to be a better person, a better mother, a better wife. As crazy difficult as our life together has been and continues to be, I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. These are my people, my tribe. And I love being a part of it.

Like I said, there are more people and places and moments that have inspired me throughout the years, but these are the big ones that are speaking to me right now. I know other specifics will stand out more and other times, but for now. These are the 4 that are present and radiating through my brain. I'm grateful for all the inspiration, present and past, good and bad. It all amounts to who I am here and now. Which is good - or, at least, not bad. ;)

164 Days to June

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