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So I started writing a Daily Blog. You may or may not have noticed, it's not really my normal style of writing. But here's the thing - I used to post a minimum of 1 blog a day, back when you could find me at whereintheworldismalialani. That blog is still there if you want a blast from the past. There is some good stuff that I often think about plagiarizing from myself onto this blog. However, I'm not the same person who wrote those blogs. And try as I might, I just can't seem to stay motivated, inspired, on top of my life enough to keep the creative writing juices flowing for more than, let's say, one post a quarter? #truestory

So I copied a bunch of writing prompts onto a Note on my computer and am using those in order to write Daily Blogs. And while ALL OF ME wants to answer the question: "What makes you get out of bed in the morning?" with "Coffee and sarcasm." I have decided to just run with it. I need to find my path again. I've been really busy staring at the stars and ignoring my own stardust-filled-self - which hasn't been all bad! It has been an incredibly amazing season of personal growth and sense of overwhelming wonder, but I'm ready to find the flow of our life again.

I'm ready to get lost in the current of our hopes and dreams again.

So, I've got the prompts. And my sarcastic sassy answers to those prompts. But I'm putting those aside and trying to respond as if I'm not Jim from The Office. I'm responding as if every question deserves an honest and eager answer, because maybe? Maybe it does. And the sarcasm can wait for another day, another post, another question. The funny thing is that I am finding a weird new sense of patience from all of this, which is not really what I expected. But as I exhale and roll my eyes about yet another prompt about what inspires me, I find that when I really try to answer the question, I'm surprised by what emerges. Like I'm getting to know myself all over again through the corny, cheese filled honesty that surrounds simpleness.

As Kate Winslet says, "I'm looking for corny in my life." And it starts with a ridiculous, prompt-filled Daily Blog. Welcome to the festival, beloveds. It will be grand, and not so sophisticated. But you are most definitely invited all the same.

Have fun today!


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