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Daily Blog :: Blessings From 2016

As I continue to look forward toward the future, I want to make sure I'm not just holding onto negative energy about the past. It has been hard, but it has been good. So here are some good things written down from this past year.

1. Celebrating 5 years, 4 years, and 2 years. I cannot even believe that this is my life. Married to my love for 5 short years - it seems both like yesterday and an eternity ago. Our knot continues to pull tighter as we go through every insane season, and I am grateful for that. My sweet little Rory is generous and kind and talks like a little old man, but rolls his eyes like a teenager. My darling Jinora is brave and daring as ever, strong-willed and sweet all at once. Our tribe is young and has already been through so much, I am excited to discover what's next for us.

2. Opening up to energy work. I'm sarcastic, and most of us who use the sarcasms are also skeptics. I love the idea of belief, but I think before this past year, I was a pretty moderate believer. Anything outside my comfort zone was placed in the "maybe" category and either forget them or obsess over the possibility of them. Lucky for me, I met Cara. Cara is the epitome of down-to-earth while also being, as she calls it, "woo-woo." Meeting her opened me up to energy work, and helped me embrace some of the more "woo-woo" parts of myself as well.

3. The opportunity to teach yoga - and several other things. I love teaching yoga. Love, love, love it. It has been an absolute gift to discover a deeper awareness of myself and others through my practice, and I adore the ability to help others on their journey. I learn so much more than I teach when I'm on my mat. This past year I was able to teach more than I have ever been before, and I hope to continue that trend into 2017.

4. The opportunity to work full time and discover it's not for me. I am a neat freak, a perfectionist, and hyper-organized. So working any job that doesn't have very specific boundaries, doesn't work for me. There are people who take advantage of that and I am tired of having that happen to me. So, for now, I'm staying at home with my sweet ones and teaching yoga when time allows. Which is the best.

5. Newness. 2016 was a year of trying and failing at a lot of different things. Right now, it kind of feels like a waste. But I know, that in the long run, when I question my motives or what I am doing, I will reflect upon this year as an example of what not to do. I will remember to have patience and to stay the course. I will dig in around my priorities, not sacrificing them on the altar of what is normal or expected. I will protect myself and my family from things that become unhealthy.

Oh, 2016. I will not miss you. But I am still grateful for the opportunity to experience you and deepen my understanding of myself, my tribe, and the world around.

So thank you,

kind of.

152 Days to June

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