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on my shelf

Undocumented :: Aviva Chomsky

I can't - there aren't - it's just - this book is amazing. I keep a limited number of books physically on the shelf, but this is one worth toting around. Daughter to Noam, Aviva Chomsky does a phenomenal job tearing down our understanding of immigration in order for us to really dive into the issue. There are so many complicated pieces, I don't recommend sitting down to read this book on a rainy afternoon. You have to be ready to have your world rocked, and whenever you are? This book is what you want in your hands.

Present Over Perfect :: Shauna Niequist

This book IS for rainy afternoons. And sunny ones. Just, all afternoons belong to this book. Rather than being a deep expose on the complications of our perfection-seeking-society, it is more of a long conversation with an old friend. Stroking the same ideas over and over again, just like you would with your bestie over coffee. It's the kind of book that you could read in one sitting or just read one page a day and both would be the right way to read it.

The Great Divorce :: CS Lewis

Always. It's my mother's copy from college. It's old. They don't sell it with the same cover art anymore, I've checked. But this is a book that will always deserve it's small space on my shelf. CS Lewis is an author that I would devote a section of my library to. I love his logical thinking, hard questions, and immeasurable patience and grace. If I could pick a mentor, it would be CS Lewis.

on my Kindle

Utopia :: Sir Thomas More

This is also not what I'd call light reading, but it is worth reading. And I am not ashamed to say that I read it mostly because of the film Ever After with Drew Barrymore. But the 10 year old girl who picked up that book became a better person, with more depth and more openness due to the words on the page. Classics are classic for a reason, Utopia being no exception. Read it.

Percy Jackson Series :: Rick Riordan

These are what we are reading at bedtime with Rory and Jinora. They are cutesy, kind of compelling, but honestly the thing I am always the most impressed with is all of the connections with modern day and Greek gods, without missing a beat. I'm not a scholar on Greek history, but it's quite cool how

Diarios de Motocicleta :: Ernesto "Che" Guevara

It's in Spanish, not English. I read the book in English in High School, watched the movie, and decided to read it in Spanish last year when I was working on finally becoming fluent with my Spanish. I just recently began reading it again. I am totally open to admitting my deep deep cliche love for Che Guevara. I've read all of his writings, visited museum exhibits dedicated to him, and Google searched the man to death. But as cliche as it is, there is something so beautiful about his first writings, that he never expected to be a novel, just letters and notes, nothing of consequence and yet so full of poetry and life.

On My Wishlist

Open Veins of Latin America :: Eduardo Galeano

I WANT IT. This has been on my wishlist to read for YEARS, but other books and other things have just crept in. So, one of my resolutions for this year is to finally dig in and read it. Because all things Latin American speak to me. All.

Oblivion: A Memoir :: Hector Abad

Speaking of my Latin American Obsession... this book was recommended to me by a beloved friend in Oaxaca. I'm just not big into fiction, but I love a good story. And this sounds like a good story...

Wanderlust :: Jeff Krasno

Like I've mentioned, I don't really fight being cliche. It's bound to happen at one point or another for everyone. Jeff Krasno is the guy who began the Wanderlust festivals. I saw his book Wanderlust in a Whole Foods awhile back and it grabbed my eye. I read a couple of pages and would love to flip through the rest sometime soon.

Honorable Mentions

On The Shelf

Gaviotas :: Alan Weisman

This book was Marko's when we got married, then I devoured it, then it was carried with us through 6 moves, two countries, and continues to live on our shelf. I would love to read it again this year (just a year dedicated to Latin America, apparently). It tells of a tiny little village in the desert of Colombia that is reinventing the way life is done. It is one of our life ambitions to visit that little commune in the desert.

On The Kindle

A Natural History of Dragons Series :: Marie Brennan

Mark reads these books to the kids. I don't know who enjoys it more, Mark reading, the kids listening, or me listening and watching them all. They are really good books and I would probably read them too if I read more fiction. They are delightful.

On The Wishlist

Avatar The Last Airbender Comic Series :: Various

We have the first three from this series and I would love to get the rest. Rory adores all things Avatar, be it Aang or Korra, and we really enjoyed reading the first 3 together. The shows and the books do such a good job of expanding our kiddos minds and capacity for understanding.

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