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If you can't tell, I'm pretty tired of the way life has been for me and my tribe lately. We have spent so much time and energy pouring out that, at some point, we forgot to pour into ourselves. This year? This year is about creating a flow. Caring for ourselves in order to better care for others. An infinite circle, rather than a pitcher to a glass.

So we are working on self care.

Yoga & Prayer Beads


For me self care looks like a lot of things. Firstly, it looks like taking the time to meditate and do yoga (I am hoping to add running in there - but right now it is just too cold). For me, exercise is less about taking care of my physical body as it is for my mental state. Getting regular energy work done, asking for massages and shoulder rubs, utilizing essential oils everyday - not just when I am desperate for them. Drinking more water, eating more raw foods, returning to a mostly vegan diet. Writing daily. Creating daily. Reading daily. Making all of these things a priority and not letting things like the laundry or dishes get out in front of them.


For Marko, self care has to be straight forward and simple. Which makes it a struggle. He doesn't like self care to interfere with regular life, because he would like it to just be a part of regular life - which, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. Taking magnesium citrate and other vitamins, choosing water over coffee & whiskey over beer, eating more fruits and veggies and not waiting until he is starving to eat. Watching educational videos and documentaries, reading as much as he can stand in one go, taking regular naps.

Sage bundles

Even though our kids are young, I am taking them along on this journey with us. While they may not have the same kinds of stress in their sweet lives as we do, our stress is inevitably passed on through our actions, words, and emotional states. They are experiencing what we are experiencing and to diminish that would be a mistake. I want them to know and understand that they can ask for and seek care for themselves when they need it. And how to find a balance between asking and giving.


It is absolutely crucial that Rory has time with friends followed by hours of playing by himself. He is extroverted and therefore is incredibly riled up by interactions with others. He needs a lot of physical touch; hugs, back rubs, hand holding, kisses. He loves lavender essential oil and lemon tea with a honey stick. He likes vegetables, but needs you to feed them to him. Fruit, however, will disappear without provocation.


Needs one-on-one attention; short but intense periods of time where she has the focus of one person on her. She needs lots of physical exertion and time to lay on the floor and do nothing. She likes vegetables, preferably in salad, and to drink lots of water. Bananas and mangos would be her diet of choice. She loves all essential oils and coconut oil, but has to be able to pick which one she would like for the day. Oh, and honey sticks for days.

My kids favorite medicine - honey.

159 Days to June

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