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As I work on self care for myself, I am attempting to get into a routine. I won't lie, routines are not my forte. Firstly, I like change. Secondly, despite my deep love of organization, there is just something in me that is too spontaneous to nail down into a routine. And thirdly, I have babies. And babies? Are always changing. So even when we create a routine, it ends up only lasting for maybe a couple of weeks.

Like the other night when Rory, for unexplained reasons, had trouble sleeping and talked the entire night in his sleep. Loudly. So no one slept and the next day was pure insanity. Or when we have the opportunity to see a friend we don't normally get to see - during nap time - so we skip nap to party hard with that friend. And then bedtime is 7pm. Which means everyone is up early and running around, even though I forgot to get to bed because The Crown (seriously though, that show). Or when illness strikes and one kid is bed-ridden while the other seems to have sucked up the energy from the other so I'm both nursemaid and toddler jailer for 16 hours and praying for bedtime.

Anyway, like I said, I'm not big on routines. But I'm doing my best as we press into this New Year to work on a self care - which means a sort-of-kind-of-routine.

Meditation & Prayer

As I fall asleep and first thing when I wake up, I am trying to meditate. I want my days and nights to be mindful and peaceful, intentional and serene. Initially I though it would keep me awake or make me fall back asleep - but actually I'm finding it to be quite helpful. Both actions feel easier when I'm being deliberate and aware.

Yoga & Running

The running is happening less right now due to the cold weather, but getting on my mat is one of the best things for my mind, body, and soul. It helps me regulate my day and get started on the right foot. There is nothing better than getting your heart rate up and your stretch on.


The dreaded word. I could go into detail about why, but I won't. I feel better about myself, my life, and the world when I eat fewer animal based projects. A better word is maybe vegetarian because I'm not much for following strictness for the purpose of being strict. So I may occasionally eat animal products, or maybe I won't. But I'm making the switch back to primarily fruits and veg and grains.

Fun & Laughter

Building forts, reading, Pinterest, home school, travel - all of the good things that make up life. That is what the middle of my day looks like right now. We made a shift and right now "work" for me is teaching yoga and taking care of babies. So while it's not always easy, it is always fun. Even when I don't realize it. The laughter piece is a big one. I've made it a goal to find something to laugh-out-loud about daily. It is just good for the spirit.

EOs, Reflexology, & Other Kitch-Nitches

GUYS! Homeopathy, Naturopathy, essential oils, aromatherapy, dry brushing, oil pulling, reflexology, acupuncture, reiki - I get it, I sound new-agey. But I have found a place and purpose for each of these and more in my life and daily routine. Maybe some post in the future I will break into more of the specifics, but I just want to say: get out your Google search now. Start small with something as simple as Lavender Essential Oil for relaxation (& 900 other things) and go from there.

I do love my kitch-nitch things and people


I'm still working on this one. Bedtime is hard for me. I used to party hard and the urge to dance to salsa and regaeton until the sun comes up is still a fierce one. But I've also always been an early riser. No, I don't know how the two are possible together, they just are. However, we are working on better bedtime habits as a family. Dinner earlier, fewer movies more chapter books, less Netflix more cards and conversations, more water less beer (still some beer, and definitely wine). Closing the eyes rather than participating in the endless scroll - finishing blogs during the day rather than having them eat away at the night... setting alarms in order to have plenty of time in the morning for coffee and chatting.

I am realizing this is less of a routine and more of a general daily checklist. But that sounds about right with my life and who I am. I look forward to sharing more details about the checklist in the future, but for now? Greet the day, beloveds.

158 Days to June

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