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Happy Sunday, Beloveds! This morning is all about the music.

Initially I started to write up a super long post about all of my insane eclectic-ness when it comes to listening to music, but instead I think I am going to focus on what I am listening to right now.

In The Car

Watsky - Or George Watsky. Besides being one of my favorite artists, it is just good road tripping music. There are upbeat songs and slower songs, good hip hop beats, some classical piano, excellent and inspiring or sarcastic lyrics, and more. If you have a minute, I highly suggest looking up some of his music and spoken word poetry on Youtube. Or just click on this piece of magic. But before you do, please do be aware that most of it is what we in America like to call "explicit" - AKA full of words we as a society have deemed unfit for small children and the work place.

On Pandora

Imogen Heap Radio - last week it would have been something else, but this past weekend has been all about the Imogen Heap Radio. On mine I get a lot of World Beats as well as some electronica, which is possibly the best thing ever. I love the diversity it offers. Fair warning, Imogen Heap also occasionally drops only-decent-in-England speech.

*Honorable mention :: The most played Pandora station for me is always Julie London. Sweet, sweet Julie. If I had to listen to nothing else for the rest of my life, it would probably be her.

On Amazon Prime

Halsey - I tend to listen to the artist rather than the station on Amazon Prime. I know that it doesn't have commercials, but I just feel like I end up trying to skip a lot more than I do on Pandora for whatever reason. I really love New Americana. Rory prefers Castle. By the way, this is also explicit. I clearly suffer from inappropriate speech patterns.

For The Kids

Native American Flute Radio on Pandora - Uhm, I don't really do kids music. Someone gave me a really good piece of advice before I had children which was "Up to a point, your children will only be interested in what you expose them to." AKA, if you never play "The Wheels On The Bus"? You will never have to listen to it. At least, until they go over to their best friend's house and get into all that organic go-gurt and Raffi. This Pandora station is easy background music. So when my kids are running around fighting dark spirits or practicing for their Everest climb, it is nice to have a small piece of calm.

Just look at that sass.

I should probably mention that my children will choose to listen to Watsky over just about anything else. The only competing artist would be Elayna, which is what they will choose if they're sleepy. At some point, the pendulum will swing and my children will probably rebel against me and only listen to Nursery Rhymes, but until then...

156 Days to June

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