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This weekend I have been...

Doing a lot of this while my kiddos watch movies and sneeze copious amounts of snot all over their 3rd pair of pajamas for the day. They just want water and essential oil, so I know they're ill. Even cookies go relatively untouched on the table. Plus the weather is COLD. I know some of you are reading from negative temperatures, but anything below freezing without snow is the worst. And now it's windy. Which is fun to watch, but not super fun to experience. We can't go outside with sick little noses and even if we weren't sick, it would be fairly dangerous. I saved a bottle of wine on the porch and was pelted with a fir cone at light speed. Just feeling grateful it wasn't a tree branch.

Anyway, I'm sitting pretty with around 15 different necklaces at this point. I have a bunch of tiny little stones I would love to use, so I'm thinking a dream catcher will need to be next. Especially seeing as there are a plethora of branches scattered about the yard that I can now utilize.

I am teaching my first official classes at SBL Sunday night, which will be fun! I will have two regular classes (maybe more, we'll see) on Sundays and will most likely sub occasionally. I want to make sure we are maintaining balance and protecting our time. Life goals.

Getting my own practice in daily has been a bit more difficult, particularly difficult because of the sick tinies. However, I am loving my practice more when I get to do it for even 10 minutes, and having a sleepy or silly babe playing on my mat or winding in and out from between my legs is actually the best thing ever.

The other big thing this weekend is Date Night! Sorely needed, eternally grateful we have the opportunity. This date night is dedicated to brain storming, plotting, and setting up an action plan to get where we would like to be. I know the suspense is killing you, but more on that later.

157 days to June

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