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More About The June Countdown

June is a big month for us this year.

As we left Oaxaca, we had to wrestle with letting go of what we thought would be the rest of our life. Unfortunately, rebuilding your dreams takes awhile. And, honestly, is a little bit disheartening. People have asked us "What's next?" pretty much since we announced we were moving back to Washington, and the truth is? We still don't know.

We have tried some things that haven't worked out, some that have. But for the most part we have just been trying to keep our heads above water - which hasn't always worked. 2016 was a year full of temporary fixes and painful reminders that we no longer have a dream to work toward. We are feeling pretty done with that.

When our apartment lease was coming to and end in November, we were offered a free temporary space to stay in Maple Valley. With Mark starting up his new business and me figuring out what was next, we decided we would take them up on it for 6 months, until June, while we make tangible efforts to determine and move toward what we want our life to look like.

On the one hand, this is kind of an exciting process! Once you are engrained in your life, it can be difficult to switch gears - so when you look at this as an opportunity for change, it's appealing. However, it is also intimidating. And we don't have a lot of time to devote to this process. We are trying to carve it out, but there are some key factors that are missing from our life currently - like any sense of stability for us or our children. We are often living paycheck-to-paycheck, don't have much that actually belongs to us, and frequently are overbooked and over stimulated.

So, June.

We have resolved that June will be when we officially realize our resolutions, when we actualize our plans. And this countdown is us setting ourselves up for success, looking into the future, creating a plan with the flexibility for change rather than trying to live life in constant flux.

This is the June Countdown.

And it's awesome.

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