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Yesterday we discussed how I get through the depressed seasons. So, today, we will be talking about what I do to have fun. Other than blog daily for you sweet things.

Art, Music, & Books

Right now I am really into making necklaces. But I haven't given up on my career as a professional doodler. Although anytime I try to draw on paper my husband or kids climbs into my lap and asks to be drawn on instead, so mostly I draw on my humans. I should probably take up tattoo art. However, this Christmas I was able to use my fancy shmancy pens on a extra piece of canvas (my kiddos gave artwork for Christmas) for Mark.I also love to play the guitar and piano, but don't have much time for it. Normally we don't have a piano, but currently we have one that is occupying probably too much of our space, but it gives me the opportunity to play, until the tinies climb up and want to play at the same time. Of course, I love to read. But that often is put on the back burner as well.

Contour drawing from High School

Kiddo Playtime

The thing everything else gets put on the back burner for! Mostly my life is made up of playtime with my kiddos, lucky for me? I enjoy it. I love it when we get to build forts, draw pictures, build lego ships, dress up, do yoga, have dance parties in the kitchen. When your kids are very little, it is easy to keep up. Once they get a little older? You're running at full speed during your game of tag, usually with the smallest child on your back because you're also a pony. Playtime keeps me on my toes. Playtime makes me less serious and way cooler without trying. Playtime helps me engage with my kiddos and they with me. Playtime helps them see being an adult is not just about checking your email and instagram. Playtime sings to and soothes the soul.

"Who us?"


We have a standing Friday Night "Family" Night with our group of friends. Very rarely do we all actually make it, but whether it is four of us or all ten of us and our collective 9 1/2 (soon to be increased through both birth and refugee foster care) children? It is always a good time. There are drinks, laughter, and heretical conversation. Which is the best kind, in case you were wondering. I also love the day-dates I get with moms of other kids. From day-drinking to playground play (maybe both?), it is always amazing.

These people.

Date Night

Whether we make Mac&Cheese for the kids and drink wine while they climb all over us in our bed, or head out on the town to our favorite speak easy - Date Nights are the best way to have fun. Getting to connect with my love over a bitter Imperial IPA or a chai tea, over the sound of bad muzak or shrieking babies, in a dark corner of a crowded restaurant or underneath a mountain of stuffed animals watching a Miyazaki film with our tinies - all of these things are good.

One of my many goals that I am trying to accomplish is to laugh more with Marko. Our life has been heavy, it has been hard. And the only medicine that has kept us running is kisses and laughter. Every time we laugh together, we break through a little bit more of that darkness that has surrounded our past year. It has been my focus. And as we press into our future, I hope it will continue to be the focus. That we would kiss and laugh and forget the rest.

Oh sweet, impossible, splendid love

153 Days to June

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