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Daily Blog :: Friday Favorites

Some random favorites on this beautiful frigid Friday.


All about Enchantment by Orson Scott Card and Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley. I never get tired of those two books. I love solid fairy tales.

TV Show

Right now it's iZombie. I love Rob Thomas and everything he touches. Veronica Mars to this piece of cinematic magic, I love him. I am actually watching it right now as I type this. We are right at the end of season Two - it's epic. It has an epic female lead and excellent plot twists.


Casablanca. There is never another answer to this question. Not only because it is a classic, but because it is my classic. There is no greater action, friendship, espionage, romance film in the history of the world. And yes, I am deaf to any response other than "you're so right" about this. Thank you.


Overarching? Probably Julie London. She is magic. However right now I am really adoring some Watsky & Flobots. Any message with a beat - or vice versa.


If it comes from Mexico or further South? It's my favorite. From tacos to ceviche, mole to lomo de alpaca, horchata to fernet & coke - I love Central and South American food. All of the things. If it is drenched with lime and cilantro is sprinkled on top? It's my thing. If someone has beaten corn into mash and cooked it (or not cooked it)? It is my jam. If there are semi-burnt peppers of any persuasion involved? It is my cup of tea. I live for food from South of the border.


SLOTHS. Sloths are my spirit animal. Always have been, always will be. Lives in trees, hates to walk, would prefer to move at a pace molasses is jealous of, swims surprisingly well, and wears green like a champ? Oh, that's Malia or a sloth. Yeah. The only competitor has ever been a pangolin. And only because they are similarly awesome and misunderstood.


Cusco, Peru. Other than it's obvious draw for ruins, history, architecture, the Inca Trail, excellent salsa and cumbia, and more - it is a special place in my heart because of the learning I did about myself there. I have really wonderful memories, not even very specific ones, just general ones of learning to really live into who I am. However, Cusco is followed closely by San Jose Del Pacifico, Oaxaca, Mexico.

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