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Daily Blog :: Careful, Dearling

Careful, dearling.

Just because you are winning, does not mean that you have won.

And when life does not go your way, it does not mean that you have lost.

Regardless of winning or losing, take a deep breath for this moment will pass. Good or bad, right or wrong, lovely or dismal, it will pass. There is nothing so long or so short as life.

When you are sad, allow yourself tears and a day curled up in bed.

When you are angry, allow yourself to hit a thing - preferably not a human, but a pillow or a punching bag.

When you are afraid, allow yourself a shiver and a doubt.

When you are happy, allow yourself a heel kick or shout for joy.

Allow yourself time.

But careful, dearling.

But don't cling to the feeling.

Don't hold onto the moment.

Don't stay stagnant in your emotions.

Let it help over you. Motivate you. Move you. Change you.

Or let it go.

147 Days to June

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