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I long for freedom in the way that others might long for a loved one. I crave it like addicts crave a fix. I desire it with every molecule of my being. And oh that I were being poetic - I'm not. I'm just being honest.

So I sometimes find it difficult to think of myself of being free or having adventure while we are bound up without a plot or a plan to change our circumstance. But my wise, loving, and completely-done-with-my-mopping-about-the-house husband told me recently, "Try to think of everything as an adventure right now. Because, hopefully, we are never going to do any of this again."

Adventuresome Trio

So we are adventuring. We are adventuring to the grocery store. We are traveling to parks and playgrounds. We are vagabonding along long paved roads in suburbia. We are adventuring to find raw kombucha. We are voyaging to nearby mountains and cityscapes. We are traveling to friends houses for playdates. We are photographing our children, our true freedom and adventure.

I want to be clear, none of these things is necessarily bad. Nothing about our life is horrible. Nothing about the generosity of our family and friends is unbearable. Not one thing that is happening to us is comparable to the atrocities other people are facing in this world - even our own friends are dealing with unspeakably awful things.

All we are enduring is the mundane or living a life we don't love right now. Difficult, sometimes painful, but not impossible.

Mildly alcoholic and delicious

This week has been heavy, but more on that tomorrow. We carry the weight of more than our own burdens right now, but we must make every moment an adventure. We must believe that each second is all a part of the larger narrative of our lives. And while it may not be exactly the way we wanted it, all this will make a lovely story.

146 Days To June

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