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I wish I knew a person named Art. Because that would give the title a double meaning - but I don't. So that's too bad. Missed opportunity for sure. I should have just pretended I knew someone named Art, that would have been better. But I guess now it's a bit too late.

Washington is not known for its snowy winter wonderland days or shimmering icicles. It is also not known for its sunshine or warmth. So most days are cold, wet, and dark during the winter. There is nothing good about the Pacific Northwest in the winter. There just isn't. I have lived here a long time and while I can find good about Autumn and Spring, Winters are just blah. If not awful.

And with little kids who have all the energy in the world? It makes life difficult. When it is 33F and pouring down rain, no one wants to be outside. That is, if your children aren't sick already and can't be outside because it sends them into coughing fits. So you are left with getting real creative indoors.

The kids coloring on the window, it's kind of like being outside

So we get creative. We make obstacle courses and forts, we paint on the windows and dance on the bed, we set up stuffed animal daycare, we dress up and build cardboard castles and ships, we do school work and watch movies, we do yoga and jumping jacks.

I learn more from my kids than I could ever teach them.

I'm beginning to think we need to similarly get inventive with our plan for June, for our future. To look for ways to exert our creativity and energy in order to make our lives, our world a more beautiful place.

That's my thought for today, Beloveds. See you tomorrow.

143 Days To June

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