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Daily Blog :: I Am Here

I am here

to fight the good fight.

To breathe life into every lifeless thing I can,

find inspiration in the nothingness,

motivate myself and those around me.

To discover new things, meet new people, see new places.

To always be looking and listening,

hoping and dreaming,


I am here

To show kindness and compassion whenever possible.

To bring light and laughter,

primarily through sarcasm and awkward compliments to strangers.

To take the time to engage with friends and family

in the ways that make the most sense for them and for me.

To eat and drink and be merry together,

building and living out community in all its glorious mess.

I am here

to teach my children.

To learn from my children.

To help them reach whatever it is they strive for,

giving them the skills to think for themselves and actively pursue their dreams.

To play with them, be silly, and have all the time in the world.

To love them unconditionally.

I am here

to love my husband.

To grow and build a life with him.

To laugh and cry and do acro with him.

To walk alongside him always.

I am here

to be myself,

whatever that means.

To listen to my heart and breathe,

allowing my energy to flow.

I am ready to collapse.

But I am still here.

142 Days To June

#DailyBlog #TheJuneCountdown

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