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Our life is straight up whack.

Where we live, what we eat, what we spend, what we do - it is all jumbled up and crazy. In the past, I have noticed a direct correlation to my physical reality reflecting on my inner reality. I get real nutty when my external circumstances are hectic. My internal nature reflects what is happening in the world around me and what is happening around me is, as I have said, straight up whack. So what have I been? A lunatic.

But we are digging into that.

Ever balancing, our tribe continues to seek out what impassions us. For Jinora: her physical nature presses her to challenge each and every barrier known to the human body and soul. She runs, climbs, jumps, and creates with her whole self. For Rory: his imagination seeps into the real world, bending the boundaries of reality until they fit his truth. For Mark: his fascination with self-sustainability and sufficiency creating a better world alongside the contradiction of difficulty due to lack of resources and finances is an ever increasing tension that he lives into fiercely. For me: Holistic living, again and again and again; travel and alternative medicine, education and yoga, art and nature, the connection of everything.

We are striving towards a life we feel peaceful in. There is a certain level of acceptance that we press into, as we are in a corner of the world we did not plan on, and an amount of continued daydreaming and fighting for those dreams. Balancing. We are always balancing.

It's funny that we say "out of balance" when we have the word "unbalanced." You can find subtle differences between the two, certainly, I just find it interesting. Our life is both out of and un - balanced. So we continue trying to find harmony, peace, balance.

Any maybe seeking it, is the closest we can be.

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