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Daily Blog :: March Reading

Never stop seeking or educating yourselves, never stop seeking truth - and one way is to read.

Here is a list of what offerings March has offered and is bringing in. I haven't had much opportunity to read very many blogs lately as computer time is limited with babes - but I look forward to having a minimum of 2 for each genre in the future for you.

1. Profit Over People :: Noam Chomsky :: Paperback

A re-read for me, but if you haven't already? Pick this book up. And don't settle for a virtual version, Noam Chomsky's deliberate and empowering writing style needs to be consumed in physical print. This is also a good place to start if you've never read anything by Chomsky, and he is a necessary author to get to know.

2. How To Ruin Everything :: George Watsky :: Paperback

As you probably already know, I am a fan of Watsky's rhymes, but this book was solid. An intricately woven autobiography in short vignettes, Watsky's ability to manipulate the English language in an entertaining and lovely way transfers fluidly from spoken word to written word. Due to the nature of the stories, it is difficult to summarize, but that is all the more reason to read and find out how even when you think you've ruined everything? It's only the beginning of something great.

3. Healing With The Herbs of Life :: Lesley Tierra :: Paperback

I recently reached out to a hippy-dippy spirit sister, whom I admire a great amount, about her passion for natural and holistic lifestyle and she recommended this book to me. It's fairly dense, but I am devouring it with gusto. Leslie and her husband began a school of Herbology that is now one of the most highly regarded schools in the world, and this book is just the tip of the iceberg. Utilizing all schools of natural medicine, they succinctly bring together holistic health and medicine into one practice. I am looking forward to diving in deeper on this subject.

4. Utopia :: Sir Thomas More :: Kindle

I used to read this book every year from probably 16-21, but just started reading it to the kiddos at bedtime. What is amazing to me is how much of it they actually absorb. Rory asks intelligent questions about the text and always remembers where we were. This is such an important book for so many reasons, it is hard to come up with just one. Instead, here is a quote that I love:

"it is the fear of want that makes any of the whole race of animals either greedy or ravenous; but, besides fear, there is in man a pride that makes him fancy it a particular glory to excel others in pomp and excess; but by the laws of the Utopians, there is no room for this."

5. Travesty In Haiti :: Timothy T Schwartz :: Kindle

I haven't started this one yet, and it is actually Mark's download, but I am really looking forward to it. We recently watched Poverty Inc. which addresses this book and has the author speaking in several spots, which was very interesting. I am always a proponent of those with privilege speaking up and moving out of the way for those who have been marginalized. If you haven't seen the documentary yet, run to Netflix and do so.

6. Salty Kisses :: Blog

Discovered recently, this blog has not received my full attention yet - in fact, I have only read one or two posts. But I also follow the family on Instagram, which led me to the musings of Carly, and I just adore them. Although, now that I'm writing this, I may spend a couple minutes reading... for the sake of an honest recommendation. ;)

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