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Daily Blog :: I'm Not An Expert

When I read blogs or follow people, I think of them as normal people with normal lives who happen to document them in real time and share that documentation with others. This is something I aspire to. A new form of storytelling that is much more real and engaging - at least to me.

This is why we are starting a Podcast and a Vlog. Look out for those.

We are real people, living and experiencing normal things. And I wish more people documented the before years. You know, before they were (this) or before they did (that). I desire to see more true origin stories, before there is a claim to fame or finale. Telling the story as it happens so that more people know and understand that their lives are just as special and important as everyone else. There is no secret ingredient or club - everyone is just doing the best they can with what they have been given.

I’m not an expert. In anything really. I have always been a decent student of all things. Ambidextrous throughout everything life has offered. I don’t have any answers or advice, just experiences to share. I can’t claim to have the most experiences or the hardest or the saddest. I just have some that I’m happy to give to you, transparent and raw, on whatever device you so chose.

I’m hoping you’ll join in this new story with us as we add to the media circus I am already putting us through with Daily Blogs. If not, oh well. We tried something new and thats good and growing.

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