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Life :: Now We Get To It

The stride, loved ones, the stride.

I don't know that I have found it, but I'm getting into it. We have our seven sections: Yoga, Life, Love, Inspiration, The Salubrious, Travel, Freedom. And what I love love love about these seven prompts is that they are seven things that I feel best represent who I am and what I do, but also who our tribe is and what we are doing. We are pressing into where we feel energy moving, where we feel calling. Finally.

If you missed our Podcast this weekend, maybe check that out. We have a unique opportunity with media today to tell a story from the beginning, without the knowledge that it will all work out or how it might work out. We are story-telling in real time, no finale to speak of. There is no hindsight to tell us how all of this makes sense in a larger picture, only the reality of now. How amazing and powerful is that? Current media presents us all with the ability to look at our lives through the lens of the present, that kind of self awareness and documentation is a gift. And by we, I am including you. You have the same capabilities as we do - maybe more, depending on your circumstances.

Sometimes when people ask me where I am from, I want to tell them "The ocean." Because it's how I feel. And not so much in a Darwin kind of way, but in a I-am-born-of-the-sea kind of way. There is nothing saltwater and sand cannot solve. Dark rainy mornings on the shore or sunny bright afternoons on the beach, I am always willing to to walk barefoot along the edge of the water. Always.

We have been to the beach often this winter and it is so good for my soul. My photos look like they are all from the same day, but in reality they are each from different days. Days where we mucked around in the wet sand for hours as the rain soaked us in the miserable Pacific Northwest winter. But none of that has mattered as much as the magic of salt spray all over me. I am a daughter of the sea and it has been good to go home.

Life is long and hard and short and wonderful. It is a privilege to life it out with all of you.


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