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Inspirations :: Auditory April

:: SONG ::

How Far I'll Go & I Am Moana :: Auli'i Cravalho

Have you seen Moana yet? Because I hadn't. I just don't get to the theatre and I know, trust me, I know that I should have seen it sooner. But beloveds, truly, it is so good. I cried, wept really. Because it is my story. As a pacific islander, as a daughter of strength, as a lonely seeker of the horizon.

"There is a line where the sky meets the sea and it calls me."

:: ALBUM ::

Tracks :: Garth Stevenson

I can tell we are playing with a dangerous theme this month. If you haven't seen the film Tracks (or read the book), please stop reading this and go watch it (or read it). We can't have a solid foundation for our friendship if you haven't seen this film or read the book it is based on. Robyn Davidson is the embodiment of my wild soul. The music created for this film was expertly composed to reach the inner sections of my soul that so often feel like they are lost or suffocating. It is breath and light.


Flow :: By Me!

This is my current class playlist for Vinyasa - fair warning, I like to boogie. I'm not a violins kind of girl while I sweat it out on my mat - I am a dance it out with warrior dances kind of woman. So check that out right quick. If you're wondering why there is an hour long song at the beginning, it is because I never know how early I am going to be in the studio before class, so I have an hour long chill song I can just put on an leave without worrying that my playlist will get started without me or that I will fumble trying to jump from playlist to playlist once we are ready to get started. You can dig into that for a while, or just skip to the next song, it will still give you some calm start up music in child's pose or savasana.


Alexi Murdoch

I am going to be honest and say that I haven't been listening to Pandora much lately. I've been all about that Amazon Prime. And before you try to sell me on Spotify - don't. They don't same-day deliver. However, sometimes in the fight for who gets the Prime, Mark wins. In which case, I lurch over to Pandora and push play on the Alexi Murdoch station. I'm specifically fond of the Away We Go album, in case you were curious whether or not the theme would continue to peek through.


Love Activist

I brought this up in my post on Sunday, but Stephanie Moors is someone I discovered recently who is just so encouraging in my life. As mentioned in our podcast, I am not a big listener to podcasts. Because I am a visual learner, it has to be music or nothing usually. And while I'm not totally sold on the idea of listening to people talk, I do enjoy Stephanie's podcast. She talks about things that interest me in a way that I can kind of zone out and then reengage, which is exactly what I need. Her deep passion for love above all else is infectious and you should check her out if you haven't already since Sunday.

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