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Salud :: VegHeads Again

This return to general vegandom is brought to you by Rory, who has decided that killing animals is cruel and unusual and we are not permitted to do this anymore. He even instructed Mark that he could no longer go spear fishing. Rory has since decided that fish and seafood are acceptable occasional meals, but no other meat shall be permitted on his watch.

So we are plant based. There are too many categories in the vegetarian/vegan/raw realm to even begin to describe it. So we are just plant based. Rather than thinking of it as restrictive, we are choosing to think of it as restorative instead; for our health (body, mind, and soul), for our schedules, for our dedication to sustainability.

We is Rory so suddenly passionate about animals? He saw someone shoot an animal in a movie in order to cook and eat it, we had a conversation about where meat comes from and he decided that was not okay with him and informed us that we as a family would no longer be eating meat. Our little budding activist at work.

What is equally fascinating is that this dedication to animal rights seems to have calmed his disgust and/or distaste for unknown food. Rory has never been particularly adventurous when it comes to food, not picky either, but now? He ate a bowl full of spicy dahl last night and didn't complain about it even once. I've never been so confused in my life.

Rory also has taken to informing other people where meat comes from, every die hard vegan would be so proud. Mark and I mostly laugh. But this is all to say, get ready for some veghead knowledge and recipes to drop. Because our baby is an activist who cares about all living creatures deeply. Deeply.

Even with the hipster hat - this kid.

#Salubrious #vegan

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