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Twenty-Eight Things

I often get caught up in the whirl of things that aren't going our way. But today I celebrated twenty-eight times around the sun as a conscious member of this universe, and that is something to be grateful for. There are things I love and appreciate about our life so I made a list of twenty-eight things. I almost copped out and only wrote ten things, but decided it is probably important for me to do the work of looking for twenty-eight things I am thankful for if that seems difficult to me. So here they are, twenty-eight things I am grateful for.

28. The blog. It is maybe weird to say that I'm thankful for something I created, but I am. I love the opportunity to write and the ability to connect with people through that writing. I love love love all of you who read, even when I don't know you're reading!

27. Social Media. I am not always grateful for this, but in all honesty, it is phenomenal that I am able to catch up with old friends or stay connected with people on the other side of the world. I am able to stay inspired by watching a youtube channel of my favorite sailors and private message my friends in the Caribbean and follow others on Instagram. All of that is amazing.

26. Pillows. Yes, this is a ridiculous thing to be grateful for, but I really love pillows. It is almost a problem. Mark has threatened to leave me in stores when I mention a cute pillow I love. But I am consistently happy and thankful for all the pillows I have smuggled into our tiny spaces.

25. Away We Go, Tracks, Captain Fantastic, Maiden Voyage... I am always a fan of a good film, but I am particularly grateful for these magical pieces that always keep me inspired.

24. Kindness of strangers. I have been gifted with immeasurable kindness from strangers lately. I'm a pretty smiley person and, if I am being honest, I rarely get a smile back. But this week it has been full of wonderful conversations, smiles, and even hugs from total strangers. And I love that.

23. Flowers in bloom. Finally. Seattle has seen less than 10 days of sun since October - OCTOBER. But Spring is finally attempting to peer out from behind the grey, primarily in flower blossom form, for which I am so very grateful.

22. Shay & Cisco. These two are the owners of Studio Barre & Lounge and I am constantly thankful for their humor, good nature, dedication and loyalty to their staff and clients. Having previously worked with owners/managers who were less so, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the two of them, my job teaching there, and their flexibility .

21. Tribu Contracting. I am immensely thankful that Mark has the ability to work with his hands and for the work that has just continued miraculously appear for us. I am hopeful that continues so that we can change our circumstances. And I am grateful for the opportunities it has and is already providing us.

20. San Jose Del Pacifico. Our friends there, Terrazza de la Tierra, mountains and clouds - I am grateful for our time there, for our friendships, for our continued contact with everyone there. This tiny town gave us hope and love, it helped us to feel like we weren't alone during a time when things we low. And I am still thankful for that.

19. Fairy lights. They get me through the dark seasons. Just a little pick me up during dark days of living in a dark basement during a dark time of year, both literal and figurative.

18. Life. Even when it's hard. I am grateful for it.

17. Live music from my beloveds. I am grateful that I get to listen to Sam Johnson play his guitar and Jessie Siren to wield magic on hers. I love the ability to sit and bask in the wonder of their musical talent. It is wonderful.

16. Travel. Just travel in general. I am thankful for the ability to go on a road trip or catch a plane or hop on a train. I love any and every opportunity I get to experience something new.

15. Energy work. Despite my hippy-dip nature, it took me a long time to discover the magic of energy work. I am grateful for my darling Cara

14. Physical touch. That's my love language. So I am super grateful for hand holding, back rubs, snuggles, and the like! From my love and my tinies is best, but I am also thankful that I have friends who are more than happy to accommodate my awkward and borderline inappropriate snuggling.

13. Time in Nature. Being outside, especially with Rory & Jinora. I love the earth beneath bare feet and wind in my hair, especially when we are at the Ocean. I am grateful for every moment we are able to be outside.

12. Cusco. I remain eternally grateful for this city and all it brought to me. There is not enough time for me to go into all the ways it brought me life.

11. Friendships. For Kendall and for Wesley, for Seanathan, for Cara, for Shay and Jessie, for Tiffany & Chris, for Cyn, for Josh & Naomi, for Erik & Kristina, for Eliza & Enzo, for Ronna & Dave, for Margie & Bax, for Anna, for Christian, for Jesus, for Rolf, for Magaly, for Raul, for Tao, for Jeff, for KP, for Sarah, for Zen, for Nik, for Jade, for the league of furies, for Carlos & Mafer, for Emily & Jeff, Darwen & Vally, and everyone else who pours into us.

10. Mckenna, Sara, Nicole, & Miranda. My "girls". That seems hilarious to me, they are women now with their own lives. I don't get to see them as often, but I love when I have the opportunity to do so. They bring light to my life and I am grateful for their honesty, sarcasm, and passion.

9. Sunshine. Oh, sweet sunshine, I could not exist without it. That's all I have to say about that.

8. Creative outlets. For necklaces and soap, for beach combing and vegan cooking, for gardening and wood working. I am thankful that we are hippy-dip weird and have the ability to live into that. Without those outlets we wouldn't be who we are, and I am grateful for that.

7. Yoga. Not just the poses, but the entirety of it all. I am grateful for it's effect on my mind, body, and spirit. I am a better person for having found this philosophy, lifestyle, and way of being.

6. Extended Family. I was going to try and make this more individual, but the list got too long. I am so very grateful for my parents for being so very generous with us during this season. I am grateful for my brothers, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, and my grandparents. A specific shout out to my Uncle Bob & Aunt Gosia for being so supportive and helping me look at our life without bias in order to grow. My wonderful Godparents and family friends that have become extended family. I am grateful for Mark's family. This list is too long to try and fit it in here.

5. Friday Night Family. I'm going to get real and say that we would not have made it without the Lex family, the Shackfords, the Lyons, and the Worls. Our Friday Night Dinners have been one of the few things that have made this most recent season bearable. I love each of these family members and could not exist without them.

4. Jordan & Janae. We don't get to see Rory & Jinora's amazing Godparents very often, but thankfully, Skype is a thing. I am thankful that Rory can tell us he needs to talk to them by himself and have an outlet that is safe. And outlet I know he can run to when he is mad at us or sad and just can't tell us. I am grateful for our lasting friendship with them and that we can just pick up where we left off.

3. Our family's ability to adjust to change. As difficult as these past several years have been, we are still standing. Change hasn't just been a constant ebb and flow in our lives, it has been a permanent fixture. And while we maybe haven't taken it in strides, we have taken it and allowed it to move us and shape us, and hopefully create better, more understanding people.

2. Rory & Jinora. My two mischievous monkeys who make my life infinitely more full of laughter. Rory's sweet compassionate nature in combination with his active body and imagination. Jinora's caring and empathetic disposition alongside her fierce determination. They are my joy.

1. Marko. My husband who works hard to make things work, deals patiently with my outbursts, loves me with depth and passion that I sometimes cannot even understand. I am grateful for our messy, wonderful, staying relationship. And just for him as my partner.

Twenty-eight years.

I honestly never thought I would make it this far, and I'm grateful I have.

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