• Malialani Dullanty

Trusting In Autumn

I am a child of Summer, but I also long for the sweet shift of Autumn. It greets me like the closest of friends, who've been apart for too long. Our embrace is warm and lingering, chaotic and spontaneous, bursting with energy and change.

Here we are again, together in a period ripe with transformation. It should be so good. A time for harvest, an era of bounty - yet I can barely pick my head up. The rain came too often, too hard. The wind was too swift, too fierce. The sun beat down too long, too intensely. As Autumn and I converge, I feel as if I am coming with nothing to offer. Beaten by both drought and flood, overwhelmed by swarms and pests, my garden is empty and I am exhausted.

But I trust in the season.

And while I know it is possible, even likely, that it will bring on a merciless Winter in every aspect of my life? I hold out hope that my darling Autumn will bring me peace, bring me a breath of fresh air. A chance to shake of the dead things, strip myself down to what's important, my core.

I need to shake off the dead things.

My mind is racing through dry bones of to-dos and to-don'ts, ripped up ideas and torn apart dreams. A graveyard of things that don't serve and this is the time to let them go. I long for it. For the loving embrace that allows for it.

I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm trusting in Autumn.

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