• Malialani Dullanty

Rediscovering The Spark

In spite of, or perhaps because of, all the struggles life continues to hand out, I am rediscovering my sense of wonder. I often feel like I was always creating before - but I think I'm imagining that. I don't remember a time when I wanted so badly to create and had so many ideas always running through my mind.

Weaving necklaces has brought me immense joy. I love the complex simplicity of making my fingers work in rhythm with one another, a meditation that eases my soul. The smooth nature of the stones or wood I'm working with and the soft texture of the string is comforting. It gave me something to do in the cold dark months Western Washington has to offer.

Painting has awaken something entirely new in me. I didn't used to enjoy using paints, but these days it seems the thing I want to do most. It is fascinating how creativity changes and builds within us. I love the way the paints stack on one another, finding new depth within the layers. I am excited to dive more into what this might mean.

I continue to love web development and design as a way to creatively express and spend some of my neurotic OCD tendencies in a healthy manner. It has, additionally, been an good way to connect with new people and discover new things about my community.

I will admit that I used to sketch much more before I was married and had children, but I am excited to rediscover what will come to life now. Ink flowing over paper was always my first love, aside from the adventures. That love has not lessened over time. There is some familiarity to what I am creating, but also very new things coming to the surface of each page.

There is so much more that has sparked in me, and I am hoping writing begins to naturally return to me as well. Thus far it seems subtle, but consistent. Perhaps I will continue working on the book, maybe something else, something new. Maybe the blog will be revitalized over the course of the next several months. I am eager to find out alongside you, dearling.




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