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Interstitial : June

As a society, we consume a lot of media from people who have "made it" or are "successful." Their books or films or television interviews detail their journey from humble beginnings to their ultimate place of power and privilege. We love a story about an underdog. Perhaps these individuals are doing amazingly generous things with their newfound fame and fortune, perhaps they are lounging poolside, but from either perspective, consumers of these kinds of stories will notice one constant. There is a weird filter over the story. You already know the ending, which effects the lens through which the story is told.

Once you have achieved a goal, it is easier to see how you got to that point, the obstacles you had to overcome, the specific purpose for pain in order to bring your story together. And it is seemingly impossible to tell a "success story" without that strange dust hovering over the content. The struggle was real, but looking back on it is different than being in the midst of it.

When you are in the middle of chaos, struggling and fighting to make life work and dreams happen, it feels very different. There is a level of defeat that is ever present, the overwhelming feeling of failure, a stress that keeps you moving. And I wish more people talked about it.

To me there is something infinitely more beautiful about people mid-process. It's messy and incomplete and relatable. Spreading humanity through the ground our tangled roots share, each difficulty one more thing that binds us together. I love looking over someone's honest social media post and feeling nothing but compassion and solidarity. I adore hearing about my friends life upsets or their millionth "change of plan," not because I want them to fail, but because it brings us closer together. I am enamored with every eye roll, exasperated sigh, slumped shoulder, tearful confession - because I have been there too. I AM there too.

I don't know if our tribe will ever "make it" or be anyone's version of "successful," but if I wish more people talked about their journey while it was in progress? Then we should probably set an example.

The Interstice. It's not really the beginning, nor is it the end. We are not looking back and while we do look and plan for the future, we just aren't there yet. We are in the messy now. Living with tear stained cheeks, exhaustion, screaming fits, and evenings where we collapse. And I know there are so many other people in the exact same space. People who are struggling to make ends meet, people who have made it, people who haven't even started their journeys yet. And I am so excited to walk alongside each and every one of you.

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