• Malialani Dullanty

Learning Club :: July

There are few things that remain constant in life. People and places change, life shifts, routines take spontaneous routes - life is in motion. The constant is that things change - it's a cliche for a reason.

My kids aren't the only ones learning here around the Dullanty Tribe. Here are some things I am learning this Summer:

1. There is no deadline on "making it" or "success" and there is not one definition. It is literally, never too late.

2. "But as for me, the ever changing constant is the sea." The ocean is the one thing that will always make me feel better. There are no bad beach days. Seek out your ever changing constant and cling to it during every hard season (aka, throughout your whole life).

3. Admit failure. Life is significantly more stressful when you pretend you can "fix it" or that whatever it is will just "go away." Once you admit you failed, you can learn and move forward without holding on to your previous expectation.

4. "Make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan." Once you have life all figured out? It will change again.

5. Say no to shit you don't want to do. ALL THE TIME. Make excellent boundaries and maintain them.

6. But also, have compassion for others. Crazy, unbelievable, insane amounts of it. Be generous wherever you are able, without sacrificing your boundaries.

7. Keep trying, keep creating new goals and new dreams, keep on keeping on.

8. Pay attention to, but do not worry about money. You can't change the numbers, you can only change your own habits. Focus on that.

9. Self care. Do it.

10. Everything ends eventually. Embrace it.

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