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August Learning Club

We had a pretty insane Summer.

It felt like this picture looks: Wicked fun, but also blurry and a little terrifying.

August kicked off with the death of my maternal grandfather, yurt building, Northwest Trek, a concert at the Zoo, and a 6 year old birthday party.

And that was all just in the first 2 weeks.

My favorite part about "unschooling" is that it is always happening. No classroom setting needed to learn about how to entertain oneself on a 4 1/2 hour drive ,or an 8 hour drive, or a 6 1/2 hour drive, or another 6 1/2 hour drive, or a 3 hour drive, or a... we spent a lot of time driving. But on those drives we had excellent conversations about death, life, happiness, life cycles, belief, deer, nature, health, time - SO MANY THINGS.

Jinora turned the 3 1/2 corner with grace, or something. She is strong willed, independent, kind, intelligent, compassionate, and an all around bad ass. Rory turned 6!!! I legitimately cannot believe I have a 6 year old. One because who gave me a six year old, and two? HE IS A TINY TEENAGER. Sweet cough syrup for breakfast, who knew being six made you a freaking teen? He is intelligent, sure of himself, kind, compassionate, and so creative.

We spent so much time outside (and binge watching episodes of Once Upon A Time to prep for Season 7 when we were told not to go outside because of smoke). We went to the kids very first concert, checked out zoo animals (realized how much we miss going to Woodland Park and how badly we need to go there more often), helped build a yurt platform, had our first experience with Northwest Trek, rode bikes, ran circles, made new friends, played at every park, went swimming, visited doctors, drew comics, and did so many puzzles.


And did I mention we built ALL of the Legos ever?

Well, we did.

Jinora is beginning to count on her own and sing the alphabet. She likes tracing and has started to draw people, they are adorable. She plays "imagination" more than anything else and we regularly have to empty all the bags in our house to find chargers, rings, make up, etc. But she has also taken an interest in building Legos and playing with her doll house more. She rides a balance bike like a pro and is learning to ride a skateboard. Rock Climbing is her favorite sport and has started to show an interest in reading on her own. Right now she is particularly interested in dinosaurs and fossils.

Rory is learning more about math through board games and card games. He is starting to truly understand time and money (as if any of us really understand it) and loves to spend his time drawing comic books. He is convinced that he can't read or write, so he is always pleasantly surprised when he rediscovers (every time he tries) that he is quite capable. He has a gift with Legos and can spend literal hours with them. Video games have their allure and he is particularly fond of his new Raspberry Pi, which has every NES game ever on it. He loves to hike and ride his bike. Right now he is particularly interested in super heroes and their deep back stories, comic books, and Legos.

We are always learning, and for that? I am grateful.

I'll leave you with this magic.



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