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Creating November

Tomorrow we are heading to our very first market.

I'm not freaking out - you are.

The yoga studio I teach at (see: sometimes sub for because I don't teach a regular class anymore, but I still love so much) is having a Holiday Market tomorrow evening and when I saw that? I knew my excuse season was over. If I can't ask people I know and love to participate in their market? I don't actually have or want a business. It still felt so hard to put myself out there.

Of course, the answer was a resounding "Yes!" and I am so excited. If you're in the area and want to see our stuff in person, swing by Studio Barre & Lounge tomorrow, December 7th 2018 any time after 6:00PM. There will be more than just artwork available, apparently there will be everything from makeup to essential oils to cupcake to beer. Yes, I did say cupcakes and beer.

Mark injured his back toward the beginning of November, which meant so many of the projects we had hoped to accomplish together had to be put on hold while, but also meant that we were able to get serious about some other aspects of the business.

Plus, you know, all the things we still ended up getting out into the world.

Rosemary Wreaths

These. Are. So. Amazing. And they are only available through the end of the year - so you should definitely grab yours now! Fresh rosemary wrapped into wreaths, some with ribbon or burlap, some with twine, some just beautiful all on their own. These wreaths work perfectly on your door, in your entryway, or up in the kitchen so you can grab some fresh rosemary for all that holiday cooking and baking. Our house smells amazing will all of these hanging around. It really is the perfect practical wreath for the holidays.

Handmade Walnut Boxes

Just. Look. At. That.

No really though, look at these beautiful things. Inlaid teredo wood top on a walnut handmade box with light keys in the corners. They are genuinely gorgeous - even more so in person. We have a handful of these and I genuinely have zero motivation to sell them - except we are obviously trying to create and sell products... I'm still not very motivated, I mean look at it!

I'm in love.

Mark has so many great projects like these just hanging out in the shop and I just want him to bring them inside! But the wood has to dry or cure or something and joints need to be made and glueing and dominos and other words that I don't entirely understand have to happen. I'm impatient. Until I look at these little boxes and remember it's totally worth it. We have a couple, each top is a little different, but they are all just as beautiful as this one.

Crate Christmas Trees

I will be honest, Holiday Fever has totally crept in and influenced my creative endeavors. We have around 10 of these adorable little things, each with different lettering, for the market tomorrow, but Mark is pretty sure they'll go fast so if you like them maybe grab one later today!

Half Round Bookends

These sat on the workbench for less than 24 hours before I knew exactly what they would become. I don't know about you, but I love built in shelves (they are on Mark's list of house projects to complete) and I adore bookends. These heavy, stand alone pieces make perfect bookends for your shelf/built in - or maybe something else entirely.

I love the way the bark clung to the high end of the half round and peeled away from the low end. It is always a trick to burn on rounds because the woodgrain wants to burn differently over the rings, but it always ends up looking so amazing and worth it.

This one's not for sale, but have you seen our new logo?

I drew it. I know, you're surprised, Mark insisted. If you've ever purchased any of our stuff, you have maybe noticed three triangles followed three dots on the back. This has concept has several meanings, but we were feeling like we needed something new for this coming year. This new shape reflects the new shape our company is taking on as we start to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome in the New Year.

All these will drop on the store this afternoon so you guys get first access to them - then they will head to the market tomorrow to see if someone will snag them there.

Remember, if you want to come check out these and other pieces in person, swing by Studio Barre & Lounge tomorrow, December 7th, anytime after 6PM and get the full effect!

Can't make it this time? Don't even worry about it - I already have another market lined up for later this winter and am getting all prepped for all the Summer Markets in 2019!

Looking for something else? Go dive through the store! There is something for everyone, we know you'll find something just for you.



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