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Creating October

This October was a hard one.

After a pretty hectic September, we had to come together again and take a hard look at our business. We chased big jobs this Summer and it was the wrong choice. We learned a lot about failing - how to admit it, how to move forward, how important it is to growth. But that didn't mean that we had a game plan moving forward. The death of my grandfather and my grandmother being ill took me out of town; we have two beautiful kids who require things like schooling, food, shelter, attention, and love; Mark works full time, 5 days a week, 8-10 hours a day as a general contractor - sometimes that doesn't include his commute; and then there is just normal life that happens, dishes and yard work, cleaning and downsizing, and so many other things.

So taking a hard look at the business has taken a back seat - even though it probably shouldn't have - and that means? Creating has also taken a back seat.

Although, you wouldn't know it...

Mount Rainier Treescape

These are simple, yet beautiful burnings of Mount Rainier. I started out with five, but there are only three left! Grab them while they are still available.

Framed Autumn Tree

This is one that has been hanging around our house for months - but I just wasn't satisfied with it.

Teredo Wood Coasters

Oh my gracious, THESE. Mark made a custom mantel for a client and we had so much left over wood that we had no idea what to do with.

We have 3 sets available - although more are definitely coming your way!

Teredo Wood, Wood Rounds, Black Walnut and so much more.

Three Sisters Stand Alone

This little stand alone is of the Three Sisters in Sisters Oregon. I made it right after returning to Washington and it is such a sweet piece! The trees with the mountains encouraged the Mount Rainier Treescapes that are flying off the shelves.

Tree Round Table

Mark never ceases to amaze me with his ability to create. I don't even want to sell this table - I want it in my house forever. Our kids were genuinely upset when we told them this piece was to sell and not to keep. Rory made us promise that we would make him one. I love the bark element along the edges and the beautiful white hickory bow ties that really pop and make the piece come alive.


We are excited for what is to come for Tribu and The Dullanty Tribe. After months (YEARS) of talking about how to move forward and what is the next right thing to do - we have some direction.

I cannot tell you how awesome it is going to be.




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