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Self Care In 2019

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One of my goals for 2019 is to practice excellent self-care.

This has not been something I have done consistently or well in the past. We typically eat well but not great, I'm lazy about fitness, and any kind of self care above and beyond that is completely out of the picture. October of 2018 I made a real commitment to being better about fitness and January has been about making the best food choices instead of just the "probably decent" ones.

So what about other kinds of self care?

My immediate thought when I think of someone treating themselves to something special is a spa day. I don't know what that means, I've never been to a real spa, but it's what I picture. White robes, steam coming from unknown sources, probably a hot tub, cucumbers in the water, massage tables, and face masks. Now, I looked up some local spas - but I can't afford to drop $100 for 30 minutes of my time right now. Maybe when I'm a millionaire.

But there are lots of ways to do self care all on your own...

Things to Pamper Yourself With

Sometimes you just need to search on Amazon and see what comes up. Dead Sea Mud Mask by New York Biology showed up toward the top of my Amazon search. It had decent reviews and I liked the look of it, plus it was affordable. I will say with confidence it does NOT disappoint. It's easy to apply and I feel like I haven't even made a dent in the container even though we've used it for 6 masks at this point. I have a mixed complexion, always dry on my cheeks and oily in other spots, which is super irritating because typical skin care is geared toward one direction or the other. I felt like this mask worked for me. It didn't dry me out or make my skin oily, it just felt so fresh after washing it off.

Plus wandering around with a face mask on is fun.

We loved doing face masks so much we picked up the Trader Joe's Face Mask Trio, which is a blast to do with my kids. The Detox Mask is pretty drying, but the other two were fine for me. I particularly love the Rose Gel. Love love love love it.

But, oddly enough, my husband wasn't satisfied because he always sees people doing the sheet ones and desperately wanted us to try one of those. So we did.

TJ's Rehydrating Sheet Mask is just that - and so perfect for winter when everything gets dry and flakey and gross. I felt really silly wearing this, but it was honestly really good. My skin felt really good afterward. Color me impressed with Trader Joe's selection.

I apparently am hoarding face masks at my house... but that isn't the only way to care for yourself.

Made for More

You probably already know how I feel about Girl, Wash Your Face. And I enjoy Rachel Hollis and her teaching style, but I wasn't really sure about this documentary... I thought it might be cheesy or something - it wasn't.

It was brave and beautiful and inspiring. I took notes. You read that correctly. And not just at the end of it where was 30 minutes of extra teaching, but throughout the entire film. Pages of notes. I drank all the koolaid and it was delicious.

I am woefully co-dependent. And not just on my husband or my kids, but on everyone around me. I rely on people to help me feel at home and less awkward in my own skin. I went to the Made For More movie on my own, not a friend or husband in sight, and it was so exactly what I needed in my life to encourage my independent spirit to rule of my co-dependent one.

If you missed seeing it in theaters, don't worry - it's coming to Amazon.

I researched this for awhile because bluetooth headphones can get really expensive really quickly, but cheap ones are usually, well, cheap. The MPow Bluetooth headphones are exactly what you need if you're looking to snag a pair of bluetooth headphones, but don't have $200 to drop on AirPods. They work well on runs and are great for hiit or circuit work, the battery lasts for an entire day of podcasts post workout, and they are easy to navigate and fairly intuitive. I genuinely love mine and will probably stick with them until they die or I forget they're on and jump in a lake - which I've read doesn't typically kill them, so who knows? If you want to see me with these on my head, visit my instagram for almost every photo of me post run or post workout.

Full disclosure, I don't own this kettle bell. We have some random one that I don't even know where we got it from. But in theory a kettle bell is a kettle bell, right? If not, let me know. I honestly always thought kettle bells were for holding open doors at the gym, but they are great workout tools. I'm not real into crossfit because of all the injuries, but I do love a good kettle bell exercise. Check out Steph Rose on Instagram for some free inspiration of what to do with one - that isn't super intimidating.

I would also include these rings as one of the best things for my self care and fitness routine, but I know not everyone has the ability to hang rings in their living room. If you do? Maybe consider it. These are not only great for me, but also so great for the kiddos.


Guys, I don't like cold weather. I know I live in the wrong corner of the world, but I cannot handle it. So wool socks. All day every day from October through June. Now, you are maybe a little more colorful than my super monochromatic self, don't worry. There are lots of fun colors available as well with these wonders. I'm just super into black.

Also intentional time with Marko and these goobers is always good for my soul.

Make sure you know who your people are and take time with them.

These are just some of the things that help me out with caring for myself intentionally these days, there are lots of other things. Inspiring Instagrams, fun Pinterest Boards, Podcasts, Youtube channels, and hanging with people in real life - these are just some of the physical items that help me take care of me on the regular. Hopefully it helps you think of things that will help you do the same!



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