• Malialani Dullanty

Happy New... Tribu?

Sweet friends, We are so excited to share with you everything we've been doing and planning for the last three months. We have been slowly launching and adding more and more to our online business and 2019 is our year. It's YOUR year. We have been planning and planning and we are stoked to finally share all of this with you.

Firstly, the store. Have you been there? I am genuinely so proud of what we are putting out into the world! Artwork, one-of-a-kind-finds to furniture, home goods, and so much more. In case all of that wasn't enough, guess what else is coming your way? E-Materials! What are e-materials, you ask? Well... I'm not sure who doesn't know at this point, but just incase - we will have wood working plans, homeschool/unschooling crafts and sheets, and more coming onto the store.

Next up, the blog. You're obviously already here - congrats - and you have maybe noticed that we have been posting weekly for about 6 months. If you haven't noticed? Well, now you know. In 2019 we will be upping the blogging to 2 times a week. So stay up-to-date, check in regularly, and subscribe!

Speaking of subscribing, the newsletter. That's right! We are bringing the newsletters back. Just once a month, we will send out updates that include recent blog posts, what's happening in the store, and what is coming up for The Dullanty Tribe. So make sure you click that subscribe button on the Home page to get all your info in one place!

Owning and operating our own business is hard - so hard. But it's worth it if we get to spend time with people like you. And we are excited to share all of this and more with you as we enter 2019.



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