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3 Tricks To Stick With Your New Year Resolutions

Who made resolutions for the New Year?

How are you feeling about them?

Strong and empowered? Or already a little lackadaisical and tired?

Either way, it's hard to stick with your resolutions. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but at some point, you start to waiver. Here are some 3 ways to stay strong and really keep to your resolutions this year.

1. Stop waiting for the New Year

The New Year is a great time to create resolutions, make goals, and build a plan to better yourself and your life - but it isn't the only time. If you made resolutions for 2019, great! I am so excited for you and you can achieve everything you have set before you. I did too! There is magic about the calendar shift. Stick with your resolutions. Don't stop. Stay motivated. Find a friend to do it with you. Keep yourself accountable. You're amazing.


If you missed the first of the year? Start today. If you think of another goal? Start doing it right then. If you meet your goals and achieve your resolutions? Make new ones and start immediately. You don't need the New Year. You don't need a Monday. You don't need tomorrow. You can start living a better life and pursuing your goals right now. So do it.

Start any day. Then keep going.

2. Be Intentional and Realistic

I want to have 6 pack abs. I have always wanted to have them, so "Have six pack abs" regularly appears on my goal list and then disappears once I get tired of looking at it. I've never made it happen, and not necessarily because I couldn't make it happen.

Having abs of steel is one of two things: a) temporary or b) a lifestyle shift. I could extreme diet and workout 5 hours a day for a month and probably obtain my desired goal. Then the minute I had a Reeses Peanut Butter cup, I would balloon out like I had anaphylaxis. I would have technically reached my goal, but I would most likely feel like hot trash. The harder thing would be a lifestyle shift and, if I'm being honest, six pack abs are not a good enough reason to actually shift my lifestyle.

This fall I put "six-pack abs" back on my goal list. Two days later I scratched it out and wrote "Work out every single day." I finally realized that having six-pack-abs is a neat goal, but I wasn't going to get there unless I started with a more realistic and achievable goal. It also isn't very healthy. There are ways for me to get abs that are fast and quick and ultimately damaging. But working out every day? Working out every single day is hard work, but it's possible. It helps me stay healthy for myself, my husband, and my kiddos. I'm coming for you, six-pack abs, but without the disappointment and frustration of not being there.

Be intentional about your resolution setting and also realistic about what you're capable of right now. Dream big, but don't forget to have smaller goals as markers along the way.

Don't forget to make it fun.

3. Falling Off The Wagon Doesn't Mean The Wagon Is Gone

I try to stick to a healthy diet (six-pack abs, man), and I also like coffee ice cream. Not the sickly sweet mocha choca cappuccino macchiato latte junk. Plain, bitter, creamy coffee flavored ice cream. I don't buy said dreamy-cream-based-magic very often, but the other day I straight up begged my friend to bring it over for a friend dinner we had.

I typically split a pint into 3-4 servings for myself (plus some spoonfuls for my demanding tinies). Now, I have ridiculous will power. I quit things cold turkey and never look back, not everyone is like that. BUT I lack discipline with anything I need to temper but not give up entirely (see: screen time, bread, cheese). If I don't actually commit to stopping entirely? I often fall off the wagon.

And it's easy to fall off the wagon and wallow on the ground. Using the excuse of "Well, I already fell off the wagon so who cares if I..." ...eat all the crappy food, sit on the couch and watch Netflix instead of working out, drink soda instead of water, scroll Instagram instead of going for a run. If you're anything like me, sometimes you fall off the wagon and you act as if the wagon is a supersonic jet that is somehow now out of your reach.

It's not. Wagons are slow and steady. If you fall off? You can stand up, dust yourself off and get back on the wagon. The other people on the wagon will most likely wait for you, if you're driving the wagon it's not going anywhere without you, and if your horse or oxen die when you ford the river? The Oregon Trail tells me you can get a new horse.

If you are working out every single day just so you don't break a streak, that "why" will eventually get tired and old. You're going to need better and deeper reasons to keep going. Figure out why you're on the wagon you're on and get back on every time you fall off.

Find your reason to stick with it, you're worth it.

These are just three things, but hopefully they encourage you to make healthy life shifts whenever you can, create some more realistic resolutions, and stick with it when things get hard and you maybe slip up.



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