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Market Monday

The Holidays passing is one of those bittersweet things. I love the decorations in every home, the cozy feelings emanating from every person and place, and the warm lights twinkling to signify hope in the darkest season - for those of us in the northern hemisphere. But there is also so much stress released. In our house? We are exhausted from the holidays, but also ALL of the birthdays and the anniversaries and all of the things. A New Year is the perfect thing for those of us tuckered out and ready to settle into something different.

What has previously been our "Creating" posts, detailing what's new in the store - will now be Market Mondays. Keep an eye out for all the things we are making and all the things we are looking at.

Were you eyeing that Fir Round Table we had?

Custom order one like it by emailing us!

It was, hands down, my favorite thing Mark has built. Even though it sold over the holidays, don't you worry. There is more furniture coming your way, like this gorgeous kitchen table.

Spalted Maple Kitchen Table

The sturdy pine base is topped with an absolutely gorgeous spalted maple slab. This is a piece you can hand down to your great grandchildren, so full of character and interesting edges.

Walnut Mail Holders

Perfect for organizing your bills into a cute little holder that isn't painful to look at or holding brochures or a million little pens and pencils - these are so precious. The live edge aspect makes them all the more amazing. Limited quantity so grab yours now!

Cherry Wood Round Rainier

Cherry is hard to burn on, but so worth it. The subtle colors in the wood are drawn out so beautifully by the charring, and this live edge round was just so handsome to begin with. There is a wall hanger on the backside for you to hang this wherever your heart desires.

Live Edge Double Treescape

This is Mark's favorite piece in our house right now. The back is a beautiful live edge of spalted maple and it's just gorgeous and the second treescape follows a natural crack in the wood which helps give it a very natural flow.

Live Edge Treescape & Cliff

I know some of you have been asking for another small live edge piece that is a little more affordable - here it is! But there is only one at this point, so if you like it make sure you click the photo above to grab it as soon as possible.

Mount Rainier : Home

 Loved this Mount Rainier? Then you'll love this one too. I've heard a lot from people lately that they love seeing images of Mount Rainier from the Northside because usually artwork of Rainier is from the South. I'm happy to oblige, Mount Rainier is a pleasure to create.

Tennessee Red Cedar Coasters

These. I don't even know what to say except they're so pretty and they smell SO GOOD. Just amazing. I can't even handle it.

Walnut Coasters

I think these are my favorite coasters. Walnut is just a little heavier than Teredo or Red Cedar, so they have a sort of weight to them that I adore. I also love the look of walnut. It's so expensive, but so worth it to have some around the house. I love my set of these and I know you'll love yours.

Framed Whale Tail

The photos don't show the frame, but I wanted to get this out there as soon as possible because I am so in love with this piece. It's my favorite thing I've done in awhile.

Didn't see anything for you?

Check out the store for something else!

There is something for everyone.



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