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Market... Thursday

So, this blog was supposed to go up on Monday - obviously, as typically the post is Market Monday.

But I had an issue with my camera where we COULD NOT get any of the photos off of it. Mark almost smashed it to bits because none of the cable connections would work, my laptop does not have a card reader - thanks, Apple *eyeroll* -, and Mark's laptop to drive to my laptop to the website seems a little silly. Plus I have to transfer all the files from raw to jpeg to use them... it was a crazy nightmare.

Now, I really like my camera - but it was insanity. So we purchased this tiny little converter (the future, right???) and now I have photos. Hallelujah.


This weekend we had the opportunity to be at another market, which means I spent last week hustling to get new stuff ready. It was a good weekend, but the bigger news is that this group will be trying to do a market once a month or so - AND - I was invited to participate at Maple Valley Days.

Now, if you know me, Maple Valley Days is not really my scene.


Having a stall selling my artwork at Maple Valley Days? I could be convinced. So we have started a list of things we will need for the big event in June. We haven't decided what day we want to commit to - or if we will be doing the whole weekend, but we are excited to have a stall where 25,000 people can come peruse all the Tribu things.

Someone asked on Saturday if I use templates. I don't. Everything you see is handcrafted artwork, each piece custom - even if I make more than one! Speaking of more than one though...

The newest thing? Framed pieces are back!

Framed 5x5's

We have 5x5 (interior dimensions) framed Pinks (pictured above), Mount Rainier, Peony, Hyacinth, Lavender, and Whale Tail pieces available now.

Framed 6x6's

Right now we only have peonies and Mount Rainier framed at this size, but you can always email us to custom order one! It's the same price.

Unframed Ocean Shore

This piece appeared on Instagram or Facebook awhile back, but hadn't made it up onto the website until this week. If you like this piece, but would rather have it framed, let me know and we can make that happen for you.

New Ornaments

I ran out of ornaments at Christmas time - go figure - but had several people ask about them after Christmas, so I made another batch. I only have Rainiers and Treescapes at this point, but as always, you're welcome to ask for something different.


Did you know I started my "store" with these almost 2 years ago??? These are what are left over from that original batch. Normally I just take them to markets and they have slowly disappeared over the last year, but someone mentioned on Saturday that they would love to see them up on the store, so now they are! My daughter has been asking for me to make more, so maybe a few more will show up on the site, who knows.

And, of course, everything else that is already up on the website! Go check it out.



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