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Growing Crystals

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Because we unschool, I don't do curriculum. However, that doesn't mean I don't prep. Part of that prep is snagging every easy and excellent STEAM project I can because I don't like to prep. It's really time consuming and I've found the more I prep something? The less likely my kids are to enjoy it. Murphy's Law or something.

I've posted about some of them before, but I adore National Geographic's kits. They are simple, straight forward, come with great guides, and my kids have loved every single one.

... all of this makes it sounds like I'm getting paid by National Geographic.

I wish.

Current Favorites: Dinosaur Fossil Kit, Other Dinosaur Fossil Kit, Putty & Slime Kit, Geode Kit, Gemstones, and the latest - Growing Crystals.

Our kids are honestly maybe a little young for this - especially Jinora. But it was so much fun and they both have enjoyed it so much, I'd recommend it (with parent supervision/help) for even the younger crowd. Jinora especially loved watching the crystals grow - Rory likes the one that glows in the dark.

I posted about it on my instagram stories without really thinking about it and then posted again when they were done growing. I didn't even include photos of us actually mixing the stuff to help them grow because, uhm, chemicals. But after they were done, I received so many questions from people about this kit.

So many, that I decided it was probably easier to post an entire blog about the kit - even though I didn't even take photos originally...

Firstly, this is the kit.

Click here to grab it.

Some random answers to questions I was barraged with:

The instructions are clear, straight forward, and only one and half pages. It comes with all the stuff to grow 8 crystals, but you can only grow 4 at a time if you only utilize the kit. The base has lights in it to make the crystals "glow" - which my kids love (any cool nightlight is guaranteed to impress tiny humans... and adults for that matter). There is a clear crystal that glows in the dark (Rory's favorite). You can see the crystals begin to form within 24 hours. In theory you can pull the crystals out in 5-7 days. I wanted ours to be bigger... and then I forgot about them. So we probably waited 14 days before pulling ours out. The kit also comes with a bag of 5 or 6 real crystals!

Also, you can do this experiment without a kit. They are borax crystals and any Pinterest search will give you all the information you need to DIY - but like I said above, I don't love to prep. So a kit is great for people like me who love a good science project, but don't necessarily want to have a bunch of prep time to gather materials and instructions, etc. Plus, it comes with a great guide and fact booklet about all sorts of crystals, how, why, and where they are formed... it's great.

Guys. I don't know why I'm blogging about a crystal growing kit that I'm not even getting paid for. But you all asked so many questions, hopefully this is helpful!

See you soon.



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