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Market Monday

Several weeks ago, at a market, there was a couple considering which piece of artwork they'd like to buy. They really liked a more expensive piece, but weren't sure whether or not they could swing it. The wife offered up a similar piece that was less expensive, and the husband said this:

"No, we need to buy this one. Because right now she's only selling it for (price), but she won't be in 6 months. Not after people can see what she does. And we will have gotten in on the ground floor."

I have never. blushed. so. hard. in. my. life.

Not ever.

I don't make art for money. I make art for the creating, for the process, just to make it. I very dearly hope to be able to make a living doing it, but money is not the objective. You don't even know how much art is in our house that has never even made it in a photo online, much less into the store. I draw and paint and wood burn because I HAVE to, it's not optional.

My hope, my goal, my desire is to create artwork that people love as much as I love to create it and hopefully also be able to buy groceries, but I'd do it even if I couldn't.

The artwork I'm making now is some of the best and some of my favorite that I've ever created. I love every line, every splash of color, every design. And I'm so excited to share it with you all. I'm excited to value my art and my work, I'm excited to be researching what making prints might look like and cost, I'm excited to be running out of room for all the artwork we have made. I'm excited.

And I hope you're excited too.


When I finished this, Mark told me I wasn't allowed to sell it. It sparked some really serious conversations about valuing originals. It's hard, because as an artist you really want your work to be available to everyone, regardless of finances, but the truth is that when you buy a piece of art? You aren't just buying that piece. You are buying every piece before that one, every sketch, every hour spent thinking about pieces, dreaming about them. It's hard to figure out how to price that.

Peonies +

I love this one. I love the color variations and the bright reds. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to sell originals, but also that we are beginning to look into prints and what that would look like/cost. Don't worry - we've already started scanning/photographing images in order to create prints. So even if an original sells before you have a chance to see it, you will maybe have the opportunity to purchase a print. However, the number of prints will also be limited! So don't wait on it.


Sometimes, I don't want to sell my artwork. This is one of those times. I just love the yellows and the blues on this - which is an odd thing because I'm classically a lover of all things green. But something about this one just speaks to me.

Granite Side Table

This is Mark's favorite table. And who can blame hime? Those lines? Those beautiful modern legs with the chunky granite top? The hexagonal shape? It's a beauty. We are hoping to make more like this, maybe even sets - so if you're interested make sure you reach out!


If you have ever hung out with me in person, you know about my obsession with the ocean. The Hawaiian in me is fierce and, like Moana, it calls me. Maybe it calls you too?


There's my beautiful pacific northwest girl, she is rocking those subtle blues.

Cedar Side Table

The legs on this table. I just love them. The lines are so pretty - but best of all? It's light weight. When I'm moving furniture for the one hundredth time? This is the kind of table I just love.

Find Your Wild

This is the first watercolor I made in this batch. I was tired of woodburning and decided to sketch a treescape, which is something I can do without thinking. And then the rest just poured out of me. It was like breathing. And I loved each piece more than the last.


This one is inspired by my dear Megan Carter. She is always adventuring outdoors and inspiring me to get my kids outside.

And, of course, there is so much already available in the store so go check it out!



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