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Chinese New Year

I've seen so many people post meme's about how January is a trial month and they are actually starting 2019 in February... that's so weird because Chinese/Lunar New Year is typically in February! Those of us who celebrate? Get the magic of the new year all over again.

I am Hawaiian Chinese and so we celebrated Chinese New Year growing up - but not with any kind of regularity. Some years we would do Dim Sum on some weekend near it, other years we would have a full on party, it was random. Recently I've been really passionate about the fact that I'm biracial and my babies are biracial and want them to know where they come from. So this year we did a bigger thing for New Year. And it has been the best thing.

Making banners.

We were able to go to our local Asian Market and get all the things. The kids always love a trip there because they get all their favorite sweets and buns and watch live fish and and and... the kids learned about Red Envelopes and we talked about lunar/solar seasons and cycles. We made banners and hung lanterns and made dragons and colored Pigs (it's the year of the Pig). We talked about visiting China one day and Jinora made the connection with her favorite show - Avatar, The Last Airbender.

And friends, real talk.

I love reading my Chinese Zodiac.

LOVE it. I don't follow astrological symbols much, but I genuinely am always like "Uhm, Chinese Zodiac predictions are helpful as gospel." Like with any personality test, it's a tool. And it may or may not be my favorite one. I also find it to regularly be wildly accurate, perhaps because I enjoy it, but don't harsh my vibe.

In case you're curious, here is the link to the site!

Have fun, let me know if yours rings as true for you as mine does for me.

Gong xi fa cai!

Did you miss New Year's Day?

Don't worry, this party goes until Lantern Festival on the 19th.

We will be doing tons of things between now and then - I'll be sure to keep you updated.



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