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Beauty Market

I know.


I'm not big into make up or beauty routines. Really, I'm kind of terrible at it. But I'm turning 30 this year and I do want to make sure I'm taking care of my body and treating it well, so I've really made an effort to invest in self care and take care of myself in bigger better ways - which includes creating a "beauty routine". Feel free to send me all your favorite (realistic) tips and tricks that don't cost a fortune or require me to visit Brazil for surgery, I'm always game to try new things.

I should probably mention, that to me? A beauty routine to me means doing things that make me feel beautiful - not necessarily a bunch of "beauty products."

So get ready.


This is not about to become a make up tutorial page, because... ha. But most of us women wear make up and I think it's important that we wear makeup that is good for us and good for the world. Enter Tarte. They are a vegan, animal cruelty free, and eco friendly make up company. Yah, it's a mouthful. And none of that would matter if their product was garbage... but it just isn't. It's primarily plant and/or earth/water based, which means it isn't harmful for your skin, which is just as important as everything else listed above.

I love anything by Tarte, but Shape Tape is just the best. I bought Mac when we were in Mexico, but almost never wore it because I hated how thick it felt when it was on. But this stuff is magic. It feels so light and a little bit goes a long way. I was honestly surprised at how well it works. Even when my skin is drier, like now during the winter months, it doesn't flake as much as other foundations I've tried. It's amazing. Also, shout out to their Mascara forever.

And everything else they make.

Dirt Toothpaste

No lie. Uncle Harry's Natural Toothpaste is my favorite thing. It is basically dirt and salt and peppermint, but it's the best. Initially Mark and I were skeptical, but we can't really afford to visit the dentist every 6 months and this was recommended to us so... and now we're hooked. We ran out awhile back and used Aquafresh or something which was absolute hell. We now buy two at a time.

Hair Masks

Yah, we've talked about how I clearly have an obsession with face masks - but can we talk about how I also love hair masks?

This mask by Garnier Fructis is one I picked up at Target around Christmas and has lasted for about two whole months despite being tiny and affordable. It is also amazing. Winter weather makes my hair, my skin, my personality feel dry and awful, so a hair mask like this one is LIFE.

Also Coconut Milk Serum by OGX. You can purchase anything by them and it's amazing, but this one is my favorite. Super hydrating and not too oily for everyday use. Especially when it's snowing outside in February... yikes.

Awesome Music

You know.

There is nothing like a boss playlist to help you feel great about yourself and ready to have the best day possible. I make a lot of playlists. Most of them are on Amazon Music, but I try to make them on Spotify as well to share with people - also because Spotify has all my favorite Reggaeton artists, which is my go-to feel better genre. This playlist has all the best get down music to make you feel better...

The number of playlists I have is sheer insanity. I have one for every possible mood and scenario. It's a little intense, but your girl needs a pick-me-up on the regular so... it's life.

Now in addition to these things I have some different face washes, all the face masks, epsom salts, incense sticks, other playlists, shampoo and conditioner that I cycle through as parts of my "beauty routine" - but honestly?

The best thing for beauty that I know is water, salt, sunshine, and laughter.

And all of those are free.

See you next time, loves!



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