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Market Monday

You already know how I am handling this weather, friends.

It's not good.

This past week I spent a lot - and I mean A LOT - of time crying, eating chocolate, cleaning, rearranging furniture, making playlists to keep my spirits up, crying some more, drinking chocolate, and resigning myself to the couch to snuggle my babies and watch what my children call "Mommy Movies" - it's been a long week. But if you're looking for a list of movies to watch when you're wildly depressed? I've got one.

Lucky for you, I also had a lot of blank canvases against the wall. FYI, I no longer have ANY blank canvas left in my house, but never fear - more arrive this week.

Lavender and Sweet Pea

Oh this.

I couldn't put my finger on what was missing from this originally, then I realized it is just a bit busier than I am used to with all the little details of the flowers. So I added some splashes of blue and green and am so happy with the whirr of Spring I get from it - especially as it was snowing outside when I finished it.

Garden of Color

Before you ask, yes there is a theme to what came out of the Snowpocalypse... and it looks like a large variety of flowers. Sometimes, when you don't have sunshine, you have to put some on canvas.

Mountain Misery

Such a weird name for such whimsical flowers! There was an ask out to draw these pretty little things for a tattoo recently and I threw my hat in the ring. My design wasn't chosen, but I became absolutely obsessed with these little beauties. Their simplicity and fresh colors against my grey backdrop was exactly what I needed to feel Spring-y this week.

Spalted Treescape

In case you were worried that only canvas were crossing my desk these days. Just because I'm craving bright colors and Spring doesn't mean I've given up on the beauty of simple lines and earth tones. This little one has been sitting on my desk for awhile, but it's a little awkward so I wasn't really sure I was going to put it up. Then several other pieces like it sold and I knew it had to find a new home.


You know me, dear ones, I can't resist the ocean. And it never calls me louder than when I can't get to it. This is my favorite piece from the past week. Oh how I love the deep.

A Rainier : Home hanging on a client's "Washington Wall" in Florida

No furniture this week, Malia? Nope. Mark didn't lose his mind like I did, but he had trouble getting to vendors and finding the tools and parts and wood he needed with all the snow effecting both us and those vendors and their suppliers. But the granite side table and cedar side tables are still available, so feel free to grab one of those, or send us an email so we can build you your perfect furniture.

I was hoping to have my first sampling of signed prints available to you all this week - but lo, the weather was against me and I couldn't get to all the printers we are testing out. So that's my to-do for you all next week. Send me all the good vibes and good weather so I can get them out to you!!!



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