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Market Monday

oh yes.

One of the things we are pursuing hard this year is to put ourselves and our dreams first. We want Tribu to not just be real to us, but to everyone. And I don't just mean that the contracting portion of our business will cover us - I want art sales to cover our bills. And I want it bad.

I have a bad habit of downplaying who I am and what I want. I act a little silly and when people ask what I do? I don't mention the fact that I'm an artist. Because who is an artist? Probably people who can go to the Seattle Art Show at $6K a booth and think about making money. I look at that number and vomit. But I am an artist. I'm a lot of things, but if I'm not telling people about this thing I'm doing? It's not real.

So I did a market at SBL. Because if I couldn't do one there? I wasn't cut out for this.

And then I did another.

And another.

Then someone invited me to have a booth at Maple Valley Days.

And then someone bought my art because they knew at some point, they wouldn't be able to afford it anymore, and my heart exploded.

(To be clear, I will never price myself out. I think it's a shite thing to do as an artist.)

When the snow cancelled every event known to mankind two weeks ago, I saw an opportunity. And despite my cozy space under six blankets and cheeks covered in mascara and tears, I knew I couldn't let any of that hold me back from this thing I want. So I sent in an application to an event that was being cancelled and moved to March. I was feeling good about having put myself out there, even though I hadn't heard back. And then I did hear back.

I am pleased to share that Tribu Design & Colectivo will be at The Pinology Market at the Puyallup Fairgrounds March 15 & 16 and you can get your tickets here.

Is this real life?

Because I'm pretty sure it isn't.

Also, right after we drop art and furniture like it's hot at the Pinology Market? We are going on Vacation. Like bosses. Literal bosses, because we own our own business.

We'll have more up on the store later this week.



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